Oversea Famous Curry Fish Cake @ Mummy Fang Otak

Talking about food, usually I am the one who usually bug the stall owner for information and history of the business. However, there are cases which are exceptional. This particular incident happened to me when I was having Ah Hai Koay Teow Thng at Kim Lee Café. After I ordered the koay teow thng, a lady came by and requested me to try out her otak-otak (curry fish cake). It was selling at RM 2 per pack and she claimed that is the best in town. Actually, I ignored her for few times as my main purpose is to try out the Koay Teow Thng. However her selling and marketing skills were far better than I have expected. Eventually I was persuaded and I pulled out my wallet to buy from her due to her persistent and continuous attempt.



My first bite on the otak-otak I feel that the aunty was right. The taste was better than average otak-otak sold at the economic rice stall. The otak-otak was wrapped in banana leaf and it brought out the fresh smell of the banana leaf and also the taste of the fish cake. The curry that was used to cook the otak-otak was not too spicy. The portion of the fish and the curry was well-balanced and neither one was too much. The texture of the fish cake was soft and creamy.



This aunty is called “Mummy Fang” and she is one of the  few stall owners who appreciate my article and photos on her food. Many times I was given a strange stare from stall owners as they didn’t seem to know why I was taking their photos. Whereas Mummy Fang was sporting enough to pose nicely and made nice arrangements on her food for me to take photos..



It was so ironic that at first I was so reluctant to try out Mummy Fang’s otak-otak but after trying once I ended up buying extra packs for my family. If I am not mistaken, one of the food reviews from The Star by the name of Alexandra Wong also faced the same situation as me. I was surprised to see Mummy Otak on her article as well.


Moral of the story, do not judge a book by its cover. Check out Mummy Fang’s marketing slogan, “Mummy Fang Famous Otak in Penang for Oversea. People to come and buy and take away. Contact Avance Booking Nyonya BaBa original Otak.”

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 8:00am – 4pm
Contact: 016-471 0430 (Mummy Fang)
Address:Kim Lee Coffee Shop, Macalister Lane.

16 thoughts on “Oversea Famous Curry Fish Cake @ Mummy Fang Otak”

  1. hi steven

    yumyummmyumm, reminded me not have otak otak for ages
    missed them, can they send to UK, ha just :(¬
    know where to go for when i come back next year


  2. SimpleGirl, ya she is so aggresive until I also a bit scared. However, the otak really taste good after all.

    Jackie, do come back and I will bring you around for good food, I had just show my customer the way to good foods when he was here for 3 weeks during training, he is from NZ 🙂

    Criz, reserved 1 big fish for me ya.

    Cariso, I really need to learn from her.

  3. steven

    thanks , very kind of you
    How much do you charge /tips i need to pay you hahhha 🙂
    i `m really missing penang food so much and the warm sunshine
    Can`t wait till next March/April

    You are great blogger , well done
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Fantastic new year


  4. haha i had similar experience as you when i went to have KTT (koay teow th’ng) at burmah road last week. mummy fang was there too asking me to buy her otak-otak and she was showing me the newspaper cutting of her interview in the star. told me that she was swamped with customers just before i arrived! lol
    but i didn’t buy the otak-otak from her cos i was just too full! maybe next time 🙂
    merry christmas!

  5. I would recommend the otak otak from the Char Koay Kak stall beside the Mummy Fang Otak Otak. As I heard that Mummy Fang are getting these otak otak from supplier and not she claim she do it herself, and she is not happy if you didnt buy from her.

  6. Yes! Yes! Yes! I fully 101% agree with you that the Char Koay Kak stall beside the Mummy Fang Otak Otak is mush more better even cheaper! MUST TRY IT!

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