Summer Dessert Bakery, Icon City – A Place Not Just for Dessert Bakery

The launching of the new Summer Dessert Bakery at Icon City, Bukit Mertajam is one of the most anticipated places to be seen at.


This place is so nice and cosy and it is ideally located at the trendy hangout place at Icon City.


Once step into this shop, you will be welcomed by the aroma of freshly baked bakeries and brewed coffee.


There are many varieties of cakes inside the fridge, making you hard to decide which one to go for it.


If this is not enough, there are even more available at the counter.


Girls and kids would surely love to wait at this bakery as the numbered tags have cute teddy bears on it.


Check out the selection of bakeries here…..from Portuguese tart, egg tart, bread pudding and pineapple buns…


to tortoise cheese buns, chochocolate chip buns, croissants…


Puffs, sandwiches,


Charcoal buns, sausage rolls..


And the list goes on….


Finally we have reached the end of its vast range of breads and pastries.


Besides the endless range of bakeries, the cakes should not be missed out too.


The cakes at Summer Bakery are nicely decorated with adorable cartoon figures.


For seasonal celebration such as Christmas, you can always ask them to customize the cake for you.


Miniature cartoon character cakes are available here as well.


If you are looking for coffee to savour with its bakeries and cakes, this is the right place for you.


Even if you are a non-coffee drinker, this is also the correct place for you.


For those who would like to dine in, there are seats available at mezzanine floor.


If mezzanine floor is full, patrons can always move to the 1st floor.


For the new launching of Summer Dessert Bakery Cafe at Icon City, there are also a lot of new items added to the menu.


Flat Bread pizza (Tomyam Chicken) – RM15.90. One of the best sellers here. The beauty of this dish is it combines the best of Eastern and Western. The taste of the hot and spicy tomyam combines with Crunchy and crispy flat bread pizza is a brilliant combination that not many people had ever thought of.

Flat Bread Pizza (Chicken Pepperoni ) – RM15.90. This flat bread pizza is the original type. Although the Chicken Pepperoni is not as delicious as compared to the Tomyam Chicken flavour, this flavour is as nice as it is.


Belgium Wafer – RM12.90, This Belgium wafer is made of pearl sugar that is basically chunks of uber-compacted sugar that doesn’t melt as easily as regular sugar and thus creates bites of delightfully crunchy sweetness. It is the key to ultimate textural/taste delight. It is then topped with a scoop vanilla ice cream, slices of strawberries and sided with a piece of macaron. Finally it is finished with a touch of chocolate fudge.


As mentioned, the wafer made with pearl sugar tasted more crunchy with a nicer aroma. When the hot wafer was taken together with cold vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge it tasted so pleasant.


Ice Cream Honey Toast – RM13.90, The toasts wee cut and baked with honey before served. The toast was topped with slices of strawberries, blackcurrants and topped with vanilla ice cream. It was also sided with a macaron.


Although the topping of this dish is similar to the belgium wafer, this toast version tasted better. This is probably due to the taste of honey that kind of exploded inside the mouth. With the addition of creamy vanilla ice cream, it is really a sinful dessert as far as dietary is concerned. Regardless of that, I am still going back for this.


Mexico sesame flat bread, chicken peparoni – RM15, similar to the previous dish Flat Bread Pizza (Chicken Pepperoni). The only difference is that this dish is packed with sesame and topped with some lettuce.


Danish Cream Roll , Original – RM3.50, this roll was stuffed with nice fresh cream. Chocolate Cream Roll – RM4, the mixture of chocolate with fresh cream was stuffed in the roll with an extra circle of chocolate to end the roll.


Signature Portuguese Egg Tart – RM2.20, 4 pieces – RM8.


The signature egg tart is a selling point here. The outer layer was so crispy and packed and packed with buttery fragrance, whereas the inner portion was hot and soft that melted in the mouth. It was a lovely combination.


Lemon Tart – RM7.90, the tart had a tangy flavour due to its lemon flavour.


Compare to the usual egg tart, this is more appetizing and delightful. I personally choose this tart over the regular egg tart.


Rose chocolate moist cake – RM11.90, the moist cake was made in the shape of rose. It was topped with some chocolate chips and a sugar art.


For those tempting and dreaming about chocolate even at sleep, this is the perfect choice for you. The moist was so nice and the base was also packed with chocolate flavour inside out.


Dacquoise – RM3.80, the ingredients to make dacquoise is similar to macaron, except that it is using flour instead of sugar.


The sweetness of dacquoise is not that high compared to macaron. Although its appearance is not as appealing as the colourful macarons, the texture is very crunchy. However, it is still not my cup of tea as the taste of Dacquoise is still on the sweet side.


Mango Passion Mousse cake – RM12.90, the mousse cake was packed with mango flavour, then topped with dried mangoes, pistachio nuts, a slice of almond flake cookies and 2 slices of chocolate at each side of the cake.


The sourish flavour of mango was really appetizing. The top up with chocolate and the slight crunch of pistachio nuts added bonus points to this dessert. The only drawback is the price for this dish is slightly on the high side.


Tea time platter, the bakeries and the dessert on the tea time platter depends on the items that you choose.


Other than the one shown above, below are the options that you can include in your platter:

  • Chocolate mango passion mousse cake – RM11.90
  • Matcha chocolate tart – RM7.90
  • Chocolate truffle tart – RM7.90
  • Danish blue berry tart – RM3.90
  • Danish sugar – RM2.50
  • Raspberry, chocolate, Green tea lamington cake – RM3.90
  • Pana Cotta – RM4.50
  • Chocolate RM1.30
  • cheese – RM1.30
  • fruit tart – RM1.40
  • Sushi roll – RM3.10
  • Macarons – RM3
  • Lemon tart – RM7.90


Raspberry black current drink – RM14.90, this drink is a blend of raspberries, blueberries and some blackcurrent and strawberries garnish. It was a very refreshing and nutritious drink as it is full of power berries which are a kind of super food for a healthy diet.


Summer coffee – RM11.90, the house selection coffee was topped with fresh milk. Although some might find it to be slightly acidic, yet I am comfortable with this type of coffee.


It is also available in hot version.


Blue Citrus Mint – RM25, this drink was served in a jar. It is a combination of soda, blue lagoon and lemon marinated mint leaves. I simply love this drink as it is not very sweat, packed with refreshing mint leaves and lemonade flavour.

After dinner, orange mango – RM25, the main ingredients of this drink are orange slices and mango cubes. It has also been added with strawberries for additional flavour. Comparing this drink with Blue Citrus Mint, I choose the latter as this drink was on the sweet side.


Black Eagle Combo, Chocolate Mint – RM28, this is a jumbo drink and can be shared between 3 – 4 persons. It was packed with chocolate and vanilla ice cream and stuffed with chocolate balls and chocolate sticks. Finally the drink was topped with some nice fresh strawberries. This will be best option for those coming in a group and looking to sharing a drink together.


Overall, the food and drinks here are nice and reasonably priced for most of it. The shop has obtained Halal certificate. The concept of a living hall as the dining area really makes this place a cosy place to hangout. The only drawback is it will be quite hard to find parking during weekends and public holidays at Icon City.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Smoking Area
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10am – 10pm (Open Daily)

Contact: 04-5041848
Address: 16, Jalan Icon City 14000 Bukit Tengah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
GPS: 5.3437616,100.4316725

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