Suffolk House Restaurant, Jalan Air Itam – Classy and Exclusive

It has been a very long time I heard about Suffolk House and was requested to blog about this place from many readers. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult for me as this place is more of a “high class and exclusive” one. Therefore, I only took some of the pictures of the surrounding but not dining area. Until recently, I found out that dining at different time will require different level of spending. Follow this post and you will know what I mean.

I was told by one of my friends that dining at Suffolk House Restaurant during dinner requires about RM100 ++ per pax, which is a bit out of my budget. Even the set lunch is about RM70++ per pax. However, it is so coincident that I dropped by to this place on a sunny afternoon to check out the location. It was a great finding for me to learn that teatime for 2 persons is for RM64++. At first I thought it is out of my budget again until I checked out the quality of food they served, it is worth the money.

It is not hard to get to this place. If you are following Jalan Scotland from town area, Union High School is on your left. Keep moving for another 4oo meters and you will realise a small sighboard written “Suffolk House 100m”. In front of you will be 2 junctions that turn to Jalan Air Itam and also Jalan Masjid, follow the signboard and use the Air Itam exit and turn left at the next turning. Follow the signboard of Suffolk House all the way and you will eventually reach the destination. By the way, the last part of going to that place is slightly secluded. You have to keep driving although it looks like a private housing estate.

Suffolk House is also known as the first “Great House of Penang” and is said to have been built by Sir Francis Light, the founder of the British Settlement of Penang. However, there are still a lot of arguments that the house is built by other person.

The main selling point of dining at this place is not mainly about food. However, it is the ambience and also the feel of dining at a restored place which maintains its rich historical values.

The surrounding of this place is very peaceful and quite. You can feel the breeze from the trees is like whispering lullaby to your ear.

The main entrance to the restaurant looks grand and supreme. They still maintained the old structure of the mansion. The restoration to this place took more than 3 decades to complete.

Classic chandeliers at the dining area.

A good collection of wine and the bar counter outside the room.

The classy English-style private room.

The open air dining area for high-tea.

Set Tea For Two @ RM64+
Selection of tea:

  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Green Tea
  • Mint
  • Camomile Fruity
  • Darjeeling

Platter provided:

4 x Scones with strewberry jam & cream
2 x Smoked Salmon Sandwich
4 x Cucumber Sandwich
2 x Chicken & mushroom pie
2 x Cheese Cake
2 x Chocolate Cake

I was told by the waiter that the tea bags are imported from UK and there is no way to get it in our usual supermarkets. The English Breakfast tea is the usual and most common type of tea for those who prefer old-style black tea. While fruity camomile is the unique type of tea with fruity taste.

Besides the 2 pots of tea, the cakes and pastries listed above were served in a small platter.

First layer of platter, cheese cake with strawberry on top. It was very soft and fluffy. The cakes may look small, but they were very filling and rich when you finished it. The same goes to the chocolate cake.

The second level of platter contained scones and chicken mushroom pie. The scones were heated up prior to serving. The fre and the pie was also very crunchy with the standard chicken mushroom stuffed inside. The scones also came with fresh cream, strawberry jam and also butter to go with it. The combination was heavenly.

As for the ground layer, there were 2 slices of smoked salmon sandwich and 4 x cucumber salad sandwich. The salmon was very fresh and tasty while the cucumber cooled off our body temperature.

Overall, dining at Suffolk House Restaurant is not mainly for the food, but for the environment and dining experience. It’s not always that you will dine in an elegant and high standard restaurant.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 2:00pm (Lunch), 2:30pm – 6:00pm (Tea Time), 7:00pm – 10:30pm (Dinner). (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-228 3930
Address:250, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang.

36 thoughts on “Suffolk House Restaurant, Jalan Air Itam – Classy and Exclusive”

  1. I am so delighted to read about this! Love love English tea sets – all those tiny marvelous cakes and dainty sandwiches without crust! And it’s so close to my parents’ home in Penang! I am going to make this a must-do activity for the whole family during CNY! But aiks… might be a bit too hot in the afternoon during that season hor..

  2. High class?? Nah… Steven don’t be fooled by the deco… If you’ve been to 32 Mansion, this is just another outlet that’s all.

    I went there not long ago, just don’t have time to post it, further, think I hv forgotten all the dishes name already. hahahaha

  3. i never knew this house is open for dining…the interior looks great! it’s actually very similar to 32 Mansion. thanks to the great info, now i have another great dining place to look forward to!

  4. looking at the deco and enviroment is worth for the visit. i was there just now.
    Sorry for some correction
    The Tea ronnefeldt is import from German by one of the local company. and yes those tea is only serve in some high class places but not sell in open market. The English Breakfast Tea is origin from Ceylon India.
    The tea serving is not cheap and normal .. Worth for the price

  5. I heard about the pricing there some time back which almost gave me a fright too. It’s somewhat like the style up at the Penang Hill Hotel. At least I know what they serve now. Thanks for the sharing.

  6. Looks like a very nice building. We’ll check it out on a next visit. Afternoon High Tea is also in Hong Kong something (that some) people like very much. I always wondered why: teabags filled with the remaining dust of real tea and sandwiches that are an insult to real bread.
    But he, that’s just me. Give me real Chinese tea and Penang snacks anytime.

  7. i love this place! have been wanting to go try out their afternoon tea but dont have an opportunity to just yet. the afternoon tea set looks really good! 🙂

  8. Too high priced. Not many can afford. They should lower the prices to bring in the crowd. Probably the old timers from old times will want to experience this.

  9. While the food and aesthetics of the restaurant are top notch, they really need to work on the attitudes of the service staff. Never have I met any restaurant staff as rude and unpleasant as the ones at Suffolk restaurant. A pity.

  10. Hi Steven,
    Unfortunately yes. Although they were prompt in their service but they greatly lacked courtesy and good manners – definately not the best traits for restaurant staff to indulge in especially a place like Suffolk House.

  11. Hi there,it’s a great post and I think I’m going to try this out someday. Btw,is the price still the same now?


  12. This house took my breath away. I must be the most unforgetable house (together with Chong Fatt Tze Mansion) house I have even been. It like being transport back 200 years ago, eventhough as a Malay I probably be just a servant or a gardener back then. The ambience and the garden is so peaceful and nostalgic. The balcony is breezy and the scenery breath taking. Probably some effort in cleaning up the river will improve the view.

    It unfortunate I dont visit the restaurant. I was told its was serve for two people and cost something like RM60 . Why dont they serve a RM30 lunch for one person? I enjoy myself so much and will definitely visit Suffolk House again the next time I am in Penang.

    I am so so in love.

    zul jb

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  14. Christine, that is great. Suffolk house is a nice environment for couple. I am not too sure about the valentines set there. May be you can call them out for details?

  15. The table I sat on ….had a birds nest directly above my seat….
    I was there late and my friends who were already there told me ….
    that prior to my arrival….the birds already unloaded onto the plate….
    for such a classy place, I would have hoped something like this wouldn’t happen….

  16. forgot…..was too busy finishing up my food ASAP and catching up with friends under the humid conditions

  17. Alex, have you took any photo? if got send to me I will forward to their management for some actions. Who knows they will give you some complementaries?

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  19. I am coming to Penang, and i’d like to visit this place. It looks so nice!
    Do they have a website where they take reservations..?

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