Brown House, Brown Road – New Place to Dine in Penang

(Latest Update: This Place Had Stopped Operation on (12/01/10) Due to Some Business Issue.)

Looking for a place which serves more than just Penang food and which is less crowded yet with plentiful of parking space? A place which is romantic enough to spend some quality time with your special ones and where the food is great and price is affordable?

It is not easy to find such place with all the requirement above. However, this  time I managed to discover this place which is Brown House. The location of Brown House is very easy to be spotted. It is located just opposite 1-stop Midlands Park Complex in Pulau Tikus.

The building is a big mansion with huge parking space.

Ground floor, the common dining area which is fully air-conditioned.

First floor, with private rooms as well as open-space dining area.

Main Courses:

Pork Chop – RM17.90, this is one of my favorites. Although it may have the plain Jane look, but the taste was definitely not plain. The pork chop was marinated with lemon grass and spices. It was than deep-fried and served with fries and salad. The crust was very crunchy while the meat was very soft and juicy. Therefore, never judge a book by its cover.

Kampong Nasi Lemak – RM7.20, other than the “plain look” pork chop, Kampong Nasi Lemak is also one of the tasty dishes. The curry chicken had a very strong curry aroma, while the level of spiciness was not too over whelming. It was a great combination with the coconut milk rice (nasi lemak), anchovies (ikan bilis), half boiled egg, fried peanut and spicy condiment (sambal).

Hanoi Roll (5 pcs) – RM11.90, These are the deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with meat. It went well with the chili sauce provided. It was a nice and delightful starter.

Puff Pastry Chicken Stew – RM12.90, the best part was the hot and crunchy pastry, when dipped into the soup it became semi-crunchy. The taste of the soup was not as thick and rich as the usual chicken mushroom soup. It was a fusion style of soup and definitely a pleasant starter.

PHO Beef – RM10.90. Compared to puff pastry chicken stew, I still prefer the chicken stew. Although this is an authentic Vietnamese food with tasty beef slices.

Braised Pork Ribs with Nuts – RM10.90. The pork ribs were braised until the meat turned soft. It had a nice aroma from the nut which were boiled together with the ribs. Still puff pastry chicken stew is my favourite.

Ee Chee Lou Fun – RM10.90, exclusively Hong Kong style, rice pagoda on shark’s fin soup. The shark’s fin soup was the usual one that we tried had at any Chinese restaurants while the rice was fragrant rice. There is a slight drawback on the shark’s fin as it was slightly overcooked and the texture became too soft without the bouncy “Q” feeling.

Baked Macaroni Cheese – RM12.90. Nicely baked macaroni and minced meat, it mixed really well with the paste. However, if you are a cheese lover you may not enjoy the mild cheese slices used on this dish.


Potato Skin – RM11.90, the potato filling was removed and potato skin was used to stuff in minced meat with potato paste and topped with cheese. The drawback is also same as the baked macaroni cheese – the misuse of cheese type.

Arabian Toast – RM3.60, the unique factor was on the toast itself while the kaya and butter was just the usual stuff. The toast was crunchy and with some sweetness on the toast itself.

Potato Wedges with Paprika – RM6.90, The potato wedges were dipped with paprika powder which tasted like curry powder, then topped with mayonnaise. The taste is acceptable as starter.

Hot and Spicy Chicken Wing – RM11.90, this hot and spicy chicken wing has the taste of KFC, very suitable for kids who love crunchy and spicy chicken.

Honey Chicken Wings – RM11.90. For kids that don’t enjoy spicy food, honey chicken wings is another option.


Curacao – RM7.20, one of the very unique drinks. The color of the drink was blue with some lemon slices. The taste was surprisingly good as I thought all the while drinks with such color will have the taste of detergent. But not for this one.

Full Moon – RM7.20, it looked like the moon was on top of the white cloud. This ice blended drink is to wake someone up when he feels sleepy. It was sweet and sour. It is also a preferred drink for ladies who care about their diet.

Other varieties of drinks are also available as below:

  • Ice Honey Lemon – RM3.60
  • Ice Lemon Tea – RM3.60
  • Ice Jasmine Tea – RM3.90
  • Ice Traditional Coffee with Milk – RM3.30
  • Ice Milk Tea – RM3.30
  • Strawberry love – RM7.20

Overall, this is a very new and uncrowded place. For those who always travel outside and need a place for shelter or internet access, this is the place for you. Certain food are very good and the price range with such ambience is acceptable.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 11am- 1am (7 days a week)
Contact: 016-494 4972 (Cynthia)
Address:2, Brown Road, Pulau Tikus, 10350, Penang (Opp. Berjaya Hotel & 1-stop)

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  1. the Ee Chee Lou FUn is looking good…it look very delicous to me…also the pork chop wit lemon grass it sounds very lemon grass to must be taste good!

  2. Oh oh… I better buck up with all the posts before all got outdated… LOL! What to do? You are the doc to my umpteen PC repairs.. haha!! Well, looking forward to more exciting reviews in the future. 😛

  3. duckie, ya I don’t like IRC too… anyway is very different concept from IRC. I still prefer the pork chop 🙂

    NKOTB, u mean a bit of different or not much different LOL

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  5. Ate there in before it closed this year, food quality was really bad then and different from your pictures. That is why I said food is bad, there were no one eating there also at that time. Nasi lemak was not really nasi lemak and curry chicken was bad.

  6. geee the portion a bit small lah for western food, I still prefer real western size servings when it comes to western food.

  7. hi zaza, the malay food that I had mentioned is the malay style of cooking but I haven’t classified them as pork free section. Kindly have a look.

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