is on JETSTAR Asia Magazine “International Adventures”, April/May

Today is a good day for me. I have just received an email from the publisher of JetStar Asia Magazine that I had been selected as one of the contributors to their “International Adventures” column for the month April/ May. I am requesting a hard copy from them and hope that they can send to me. For those that used to travel with JetStar, do let me know if you can see my face there. 🙂

16 thoughts on “ is on JETSTAR Asia Magazine “International Adventures”, April/May”

  1. Mary, thanks…. long time no hear from you liao. Hope to see more of your post coming.

    NKOTB, you are better leh… on newspaper

    Criz, mine kacang puteh compare to you.

    Gill, don’t mention lah… ur’s face is one full page of gwang ming.

    happy happy, thanks man. The next will be you.

    Ken, got any kang tao for celebrities to KL ka?

  2. congratulations! 🙂 project alpha is probably getting his hair die in white for steven to look more wisdom like 😛 ..just kidding

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