Steven Goh is On Bento Mag

After the Jetstar Asia Magazine, it has been sometime back  that I am not in the publication. However, recently is on 2nd Edition of Bento Mag, and this time is double happiness.

The reason being is not just myself have the chance of publication. In fact, Criz Lai from Crizfood also at the same page with me side by side.

Both of our articles are on Clinic cafe. I wonder will I get any special treatment from them if show them the publication? May be they will ask the beautiful nurse to feed me?

5 thoughts on “Steven Goh is On Bento Mag”

  1. wahhh congrats!its been always a good thing to let people know there’s a well known penang kaki!!! but why criz use 20 yrs old photo?not his face.ask him change profile please!or come to see me to change his image pls!

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