Starview Restaurant, Prai – A Dining Place for Family and Company Dinner

When a restaurant is famous, there are sure a lot of controversials about this place. Some will say that this place serves good food and provides good service. On the other hand, some feedback that the food and service is not up to par. Therefore, it is my duty to find out the true fact.

There are 2 branches of Starview. The first one is at New World Park in Penang Island while the other one is at Prai, Butterworth. The one that I was visiting was at Prai. It is very easy to locate this place. If you are driving from Penang Bridge over to mainland, drive straight heading north to Alor Setar. You will surely pass by Pacific Mall on your left. Turn left to Jalan Besar and Pacific Mall is on your left hand side. Turn left on the first junction and find a place to park. Walk to the left hand side of Pacific Mall, Starview is located at the China Town of Pacific Mall.

My review for Starview Restaurant this round is on the Chinese New Year Company Dinner Set – RM550 (8 Course Meal + A bottle of Red Wine)

Yee Sang, this dish is usual for any reunion or company dinner during Chinese New Year. The ingredients of Yee Sang consisted of strips of raw fish (this time is yee sang), mixed with shredded pickled cucumber, seaweed slices, colored crackers and a variety of sauces, seasoning and pepper powder.

First, place the seasoning, pepper powder and also sauces on top of the dish.

After the preparation is done, all participants has to stand up with your chopsticks ready in hand to toss all the ingredients on the plate. It is also a symbol of prosperity if everyone could toss the ingredients as high as possible.

Four Seasons, this dish has a combination of 4 dishes:

  • Seafood pie slices with mayonnaise
  • Fried fish pie stuffed with salted duck egg
  • Mixed veggie with abalone mushroom
  • Fried venison with black paper and dark soy sauce covered with onions

For this dish I personally preferred the fried venison with black pepper and dark soy sauce. The tenderness of the meat was so soft and the black pepper was not too overwhelming.

Seafood Shark’s Fin Soup with Dried Scallop, the shark fin was cooked with dried scallops rather than the usual crab meat. It was then sprinkled with tiny deep fried scallop slices.

The soup was great as it was not too starchy and salty. I simply love this soup.

Double Fried Chicken Delights, the deep fried chicken was deep-fried again with pineapple, dragon fruit and cucumber. The gravy was sweet and sour.

This dish was very appetizing due to the crunchiness of the fried chicken served with sour and sweet sauce, cucumber and fruits. The combination was very special and tasty.

Steamed Grouper in Hong Kong Style, I am not sure with they called this dish “Hong Kong Style”. The whole fish was actually pre-cut before served and steamed with soy sauce, then topped with some ginger slices and coriander.

The fish was fresh. The preparation was simple yet nice.

Braised Three Precious with Vegetable, different types of mushroom cooked with broccoli in starchy gravy.

After all the meat and seafood, this usual vegetable dish will let you take a break from the the rich food.

Seafood Fried Rice, the ingredients included mushroom cubes, dried shrimps, chinese sausages and topped with some spring onions.

I am not sure why the name of the dish is called seafood where I could only find dried shrimps on top of the rice. The taste was very nice, just that the name of the dish was misleading.

Double-boiled Four Treasures with Sea Coconut, this cold dessert was double boiled with lye chee, red beans, lily bulbs, ginkgo and sea coconut. It was then served with ice cubes.

This dessert was very refreshing. I love cold desserts as the ending compared to hot ones.

Overall, the taste of the food here is acceptable. I give my vote to the supporters of Starview. There are plentiful of parking spaces available surrounding the restaurant and the service here is acceptably good too.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11.30am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-397 1221
Address:Kompleks Megamal Pinang – China Town, 2832-2934 Jalan Baru, Bandar Perai Jaya, 13600 Prai
GPS: 5° 37′ 54.08″ N, 100° 39′ 93.64″ E

7 thoughts on “Starview Restaurant, Prai – A Dining Place for Family and Company Dinner”

  1. It looked as if this restaurant also has the same style of presentation and food choices but I was surprised that they do not have the same menu as in the Penang branch. The Penang branch only has the RM498++, RM668++, RM738++, RM998++ and RM1,888++ packages (minus the wine of course).

    Anyway, I would be quite sure Starview would never use anchovies for their Sharksfin Soup. It could be deep fried scallops as I had tried before.

    Maybe you would like to check out other outlets for reunions as well. Make sure you invite me there.. haha~

  2. hi Criz, Steven took the “xiu kang jiu” package, is different from CNY packages, and the CNY packages include free red wine/2 jugs of fruit juice too. I’ll be going for the RM738++ package at New World Park branch, should be good with Starview quality ^^
    happy CNY !

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