Soy & Sesame Restaurant, G Hotel – Ultimate Business Class Dinning

G Hotel is one of the most stylish hotel in Penang. G Hotel emerges as an urban icon at the hustling and bustling of Gurney Drive. This hotel is specially dedicated to business class clients. One of the attractive and delicate dining spots in G Hotel is Soy and Sesame Kitchen.

Soy offers a scrumptious wide selection of tempting delicacies that are moderately priced. The menu offered here at Soy is a luscious fusion of Asian delights.  From the exotic flavours of Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Korean, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Soy Kitchen is able to cater for about 64 pax.

The corridor from Soy to Sesame Kitchen.

While Soy is somewhat casual, Sesame is the more formal of the two. The decoration is done in rich shades of mahogany brown. This place can cater for 67 pax.

There are also private rooms for VIP.

Instead of Sesame, this round the focus will be on Soy Kitchen. The dishes of the month is TAIPEI SPECIALTY CUISINE. The offer for business set lunch is RM30.

The set consisted of the following dishes.

The offer of the selection will be on any 2 dishes selected, served with either steamed rice or fried riced and soup or dessert of the day.

Soup of the day – The soup that I had on that day was white radish and carrot soup. The soup was full of seafood flavor and the fragrance was so delicate.

Chilled Braised Bean Curd & Century Egg, The bean curd was braised in soy sauce and served together with black fungus, sprinkled with sesame and garnished with coriander. The century egg accompanied with the dish was topped with caviar.

Taiwanese Stewed Rice with Minced Meat and Mushroom, the minced meat and mushrooms were finely-chopped and cooked with bean paste. It was placed on top of the rice which made the rice more fragrant and delicious.

The option of steamed rice or fried rice. Personally I prefer the rice to be fried rather than steamed.

Snake Beans in Shrimp Paste & Beef Brisket Slices, the snake bean was cut into few inches long and stir-fried with beef brisket slices and some shrimp paste. This is one of the simplest yet delicious dish. The stir-fried was done on a moderate fire, yet it managed to create pan-fried flavour. The beef brisket slices was full of flavor and were very delicious.

Steamed Snapper Fillet, the snapper fillet was steamed with high-quality soy sauce and topped with soy bean curd crumbs, coriander and cushioned with angled luffa slices. The fish really tasted fresh and the best thing about this dish was it was poured with high-quality superior soy sauce. The texture of the meat was very smooth until it sometimes slipped through your throat before you managed to take a bite on it.

JIN DOU CHICKEN, the chicken was cut into pieces and cooked with black vinegar, plum sauce, tomato sauce, honeydew melon, capsicum slices, onion slices and garnished with lettuce. This dish was delicious and appetizing. It was not spicy at all and suited for non-spicy lovers.

Crispy Snapper Fillet, the snapper fillet was battered and fried in red curry sauce, then completed with cherry tomatoes, pineapple cubes and topped with coriander. This was a crispy and sourish type of dish. It was a very different style of presentation compared to the usual steamed snapper. This dish tasted nice and unique.

Hunan Style Beef Cubes, the beef cubes were pan fried with starch, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and Chinese rice wine. The was a very peppery and starchy dish. Usually, I’m not a pepper lover. Surprisingly it tasted nice and is one of my favorite dishes.

Stewed Bean curd, the bean curd was stewed and  cooked with crab roe and crab meat. It was garnished with coriander. The stewed bean curd was thick yet slightly sweet. It was the usual stewed bean curd with the taste of seafood.

Braised Moi Choi Duck Breast,  the duck breast meat was braised with moi choi, added with some chili slices and cushioned with crispy puff pastry. This dish is usual and very common type of moi choi and braised duck breast meat.

Braised Baby Chinese Cabbage, the baby chinese cabbage was cooked with dried scallops, wolf berry, enoki and shitake mushroom. This is not my cup of tea, the dish was just average and not up to my expectation.

Gula Melaka Creme Brulee with Coconut Ice Cream, the brulee was made of gula melaka and served together with coconut ice cream.

This is one of the great desserts I’ve ever tried. I love the brulee which was full of gula melaka flavor. When the brulee was taken together with the coconut ice cream, it was heavenly dessert.

Overall, the food here was great. The ambiance here was the selling point. Due to that, the price was slightly on the high side. For those looking for a good atmosphere to have  business luncheon or dinner, this may be your answer.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-238 0000
Address:168-A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5° 43′ 78.13″ N, 100° 31′ 06.26″ E

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  1. Last time, this restaurant didn’t want to serve meal that shared among the table. They focused on 1-person-meal only. And arguement occured between restaurant & customer sometimes. Not sure whether they change the practice already.

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