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What is the meaning of Soul? Soul is known as a person’s emotional or moral nature. Therefore if people mentioned the food is cooked with soul, that means they are cooking with heart.

Soul Kitchen is the name of an Italian restaurant located downtown near to Upper Penang Road, the actual road name is Jalan Muntri.

It is not difficult to locate this place. If you are coming from Komtar via Penang Road, Cititel is on your left.  On your right (in front of Cititel) there is a road which is Jalan Muntri. Drive for another few meters you will see Modern Hotel on your right hand and Soul Kitchen is just infront of the junction.

It is not hard to spot this cafe as the whole cafe is mostly painted in green color, which gives a very natural feeling.

The name Kafe Soul Kitchen is the place.

This place is always packed with not just local but also Westerners. If you could see the notice on the wall, they have free Wifi available at this modest little cafe.

Every thing in this place is simple and easy. The drinks menu is scribbled on pieces of papers.

Whereas menu for the day will be scribbled on the black board.

The flowerish wallpaper with the candle-style wall light make this place looks very warm and cosy.

The coffee grinding machine.

Every order of their coffee is freshly brewed.

For coffee lovers this place serves one of the best coffees in town. Moreover, the price for the coffee here is reasonable.

  • Cappuccino – RM5.00
  • Cafe Latte – RM6.00
  • Espresso – RM3.00

Cafe latte, the aroma of the coffee spreaded throughout the cafe. The taste of the latte was very thick and it really kicked off my day.

The cappuccino is also strong in aroma and tastes stronger in caffeine.

Banana and Orange Smoothie – RM7.oo. If you are not a coffee drinker, you can opt for their fruit smoothies. The banana and orange smoothie has the sourness plus sweetness of the orange with the starchiness and sweetness of the banana. It is a very refreshing drink.

Soul Kitchen is owned by both Michele and Tonio, Michele is a Malaysian while Tonio is a German. Surprisingly both of them make good Italian food. For dog lovers there is a cute and friendly dog by the name of “Forest” who will always accompany you.

Soul Kitchen is the only place in town that serves non-halal Italian food. One of their famous dishes is Pizza Salami – RM9.00. Below pictures show the process of making the pizza – spreading tomato puree on to the pizza dough.

Topped the pizza with cheese and salami.

Then bake it in the oven.

Tada…..the pizza  is done. The taste is superb as the thin crust was so crunchy and rich with cheese and salami.

Spaghetti Bolognese – RM19.00. The old-time favourite for pasta lovers. I have requested to change the pasta to penne. The specialty of this dish is the use of minced pork which makes it tastier.

Over the Friday and Weekend, this place serves the best homemade tiramisu cake – RM10.00 in town. The taste of the tiramisu cake is excellent with the slightly sweet wine flavor and the creamy mascarpone cheese with ladyfingers. It really melts in your mouth. Instead of getting each pasta and tiramisu cake separately, you can even order as a set – any pasta + tiramisu cake – RM25.00

English Breakfast – RM9.00. The set is complete with scrambled eggs, baked beans, 2 x bacon slices, 2 slices of toasts and butter in herbs.

This is a very complete breakfast set. Perhaps due to the use of bacon the price of this set is slightly on the high side.

Yoghurt Muesli on Papaya (RM9). Chunks of muesli mixed with plain sourish yoghurt on a half-cut papaya.

It is a refreshing and delightful breakfast for anyone looking for a healthy diet.

Overall, the ambience here is very cozy. The coffee here and the food here are very nice. There is even free wifi available. Besides that, there are plenty of carpark available along the side of the road. However, the price of the food at this cafe is slightly on the high side.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available


Opening Hours: 10.00am-3.00pm, 6.00pm-9.00pm (Closed Tuesday – Breakfast until 12.00noon)
Contact: 04-261 3118, 012-594 3522 (Michele/Tonio)
Address: 102 Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.




7 thoughts on “Soul Kitchen, Grande and Deliziosa Italian Food – Lebuh Muntri”

  1. I like the muesli w papaya! LOL. But its more like fr foreigners than locals like tht..cos while in KL ther wil be a market fr tis, i cant imagine Pg -ppl opting fr tis on a daily basis…

  2. I was there today,cafe is in Penang,Malaysia.
    On the menu you may notice:black(small) coffee – 6 M$=2US$,
    going price for big black coffee in nice,touristy coffee shops in Penang
    is – 1 M$.
    I do not think,this place is popular;it is located in backpackers quatter
    of Penang – famous Chulia Str.,backpackers tend to look for cheapest places;it was empty,my comp could not connect to their wi-fi during my 40 min breakfast,but it is working now in OldTownWhiteCoffee,where I am paying same price for dinner,
    what my breakfast(20M$);
    and during my breakfast – I heard owner answering somebody’s
    querry – why so expensive? – it is my partner – she said.
    But next time I will try nonhalal pizza(if they survive?)

  3. Hi Tourister, I have the same feeling that the price is on the high side. However, they are the only place in town that serve non halal italian food

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