Somebody Just Check Me Out

Ok, I was complained by someone that my blog are now too commercialized instead of interest. I had been posting quite a lot of paid post lately, *Sigh*. No one will understand a blogger feeling unless you are one of us. By the way, if you want to know why a blogger would write a paid post you can always consult BB Community and Merdurian they always write about paid post.

Anyway, this is not paid post. Is about 3 cuttie that checked me out when I was at Apple’s house.

They are in different color and they hardly wear any cloth.

Alright, stop guessing. They are the 3 little cuttie dog. Aren’t they cute? Whenever I was there they will come out to greet me. I just love to pet them.

This picture show only 2 dogs instead of 3, cause the third dog are too short to show up.

8 thoughts on “Somebody Just Check Me Out”

  1. Nufflets different from others paid post oh…
    wah that 1 is Hush Puppy and Golden Retriever….. Another 1 I don’t know what name…. If i not mistaken you had mentioned on your previous post about the dog for sale

  2. Let me introduce the 3 cuties:
    (From Left) The shortest of all Bianca (a Beagle), a not-too-fierce-looking Harvey or Hardy?? (a German Shephard) and cuddly Ralph (a Golden Retriever).

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