It’s Christmas Time

I have forgotten which website that I have visited with all the Christmas decoration. By the way, I have received a nice present from BB Community cause he has just back linked me to his site. As a goodwill I am linking back to his site. Anyway, my exchange link doesn’t help him out as his is already in PR3 and mine just in PR1.

By the way, I love Christmas season simply because it’s giving me warm and relaxed feeling. It also reminds me that I am getting older. 🙁 Well, too bad my family is a non-Christmas supporter. The reason I am saying this because since young during Christmas time people will have nicely decorated Christmas tree in their living hall.
Where else for us we are planning ahead for the Chinese New Year Tree.
While people are roasting turkey for Christmas Eve dinner, 

My mum is cooking the usual Chinese ‘white chicken’ for our meal.

As people are exchanging and unwrapping their Christmas presents,

We are listing down for the next year who we will be collecting Ang Pao (red packet) from.

While the rest of the kids are excited to wait for Santa Claus on the rain deer for their presents,

We wait for our God of Prosperous (财神) to fly down from heaven with handful of money.

Despite all the differences, I still love Christmas so much and I want to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

8 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Time”

  1. LOL you making bb community sad already.. actually his site from PR3 dropped to PR0….
    Anyway, your christmas time sounds like Chinese New Year -.- got ang pau, white chicken, and the god of prosperous -.-
    salute you Mr. Steven Goh

  2. Viv, finally you are back. Where have you been so far?

    Chinggy, wat to do my family is the teng sua bah family.

    Merdurian, are you sure? I went to his site just now and I can still see PR3?

    Will, you are always welcome for the music.

    Merry Christmas to everyone 😉

  3. hei, this post is nice!
    comparing christmas with CNY, very funny~
    btw, i’ve put in another Google PR checking button in my blog, and it shows PR 3 now, yeah! i donno y, i just happy!

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