Skillful Tossing Wan Tan Mee @ Lebuh Melayu

An attractive dining place doesn’t necessary have to be serving delicious food or having a nice ambience. Sometimes the ability or the skill of the cook might also attract a lot of visitors.

This is what has been happening at the junction of Lorong Toh Aka and Lebuh Melayu (杀牛后) where the owner of this Wantan Mee stall really knows how to turn and toss the noodle.

The owner of this stall has been selling Wantan Mee for decades which means that for sure there are some specialties which make the stall still standing strong.

The “action pack” by the owner – a combination of dancing + praying to make a delicious bowl of Wantan mee.

The fresh wantan which were hot from the pot really made my mouth watery.

The secret to the tasty wantan noodle, the different sauces which are added to the noodle as final touches.

I was told by someone that there are varieties of Wantan mee from different clans of the Chinese community – Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Teochew and even Hong Kong styles. However I really can’t tell the difference, I just know that this Wantan mee is really good. As usual there are dry and soup-styled noodle. For me I still prefer the former as the combination of the noodle with the dark soya sauce really makes a good partner.

This stall gives you a choice of either boiled wantan or deep-fried wantan, fine noodles or thick noodles, served with sambal and/or pickled green chillies.

You can also order just a bowl of wantan soup as the wantan itself is bouncy and soft with the ingredients of shrimps, minced meat and sesame oil.

Tossing Wantan Mee Price:
Small – RM2.40
Medium – RM2.90
Large – RM3.40

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

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Address: Junction of Lorong Toh Aka / Lebuh Melayu
Opening Hours: 12.30pm – 5.00pm (Closed Sunday)

12 thoughts on “Skillful Tossing Wan Tan Mee @ Lebuh Melayu”

  1. This uncle’s wan tan mee look damn power! he shake it so hard to clear all the excess water that may spoil the soya sauce mix ….. good one … must go try the wan tan soup … look so tasty :P~~~

  2. Brother,

    I was thinking of posting about this wantan mee. You beat me to it lah! Just comment here enough.

    The noodle was a bit soft, but the ‘chu yau char’ got body and fragrant. And the wantan was firm and juicy.

    The last time I went I had 2 big bowl and 1 small bowl at one sitting. It is something different from the other wantan mee. Next time we go together and have a contest to see who can eat the most leh!

  3. Wow! Impressive review here with video. 😛 One note here is that when there’s a big crowd, the noodles tend to be a bit soft but you can always let the boss know that you prefer springy noodles. Another thing that you might want to know is that they do not have fried wantan. The normal wantan in soup is one of the best I have taken. I could even eat up many bowls. Let’s invite Jason to compete then.. haha 😛 There’s a but here… we might lose to him as he has more noticeable “space” right in front of him.. hahaha!!

  4. YUmmm, i missed wanton mee ,must try this stall when we come back in april, poor guy , i bet his arm must be aching by the end of the day
    A lot of hard work and effort , but i guess he feels proud and worthwhile with so many orders as a result.
    Thanks for the posting Steve

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