Petaling Jaya SS2 – Only Sweet Things Allow In The Little Dim Sum Place

Err… actually I shouldn’t have written on this post, there are too many posts about this place. Anyhow, I find some of the food here are quite nice. Therefore, I had decided to make some comment of this place.

This particular shop is located at Petaling Jaya, SS2. It is just located near the food court at very central of that area.

Wikimapia GPS link as below:

First of all, if you plan to have something full e.g: rice or noodle here, don’t think about it. The soup is full of artificial flavour, which is also known as MSG. My webmaster and I had tried 2 types of noodles in the list of menu and we find it hard to accept as both of us are getting bald, with the help of these MSGs in the soup we are guaranteed to become bald faster. These 2 pictures below belong to 1 set of meal. It’s known as the Minced Meat Noodle. The noodle is cooked from typical instant noodle with wantan soup, where the wantan is very commonly tasted everywhere.

Another 2 more pictures below are the noodles I have ordered. It is known as Laksa style noodle. Again, the soup base and the instant noodle are cooked and served in the same way. Anyway, there are something special about this dish, it is the topping that you can see below like dried pork. Actually those are not dried pork but are satay fish that had been cut into slices. The taste of the satay fish is very nice and unique. 


Finally, after commenting on the bad part, now is time for the best part. As I mention if you are coming to fill your stomach with rice and noodle, you are coming to the wrong place. This is the place for you to have light foods and beverage only. Below “Har Gao” (prawn dumpling) is very fresh and nice to eat, although is not as good as Ipoh’s Ta Tong restaurant’s “Har Gao”, still it is acceptable.

Another dish is the “Quicksand Fresh Milk Yellow Packets” (流沙奶黄包), very nice once you have a bite from the outer layer, all the inner butter, milk and egg york mixture flow out like quicksand. Actually this “Quicksand Fresh Milk Yellow Packets” is not named by me, is by Google translator 🙂

The Egg Tart (蛋挞) is very hot and crispy as well. 

This one, is one of the must after so many things tasted. This is the mango ice cream float. It’s not just looks nice, in fact taste execellent too. Ladies who care for diet, this is the best dinner for you. I know some friends that take milk as dinner, that is too much. However, having nice ice cream and float as your dinner and without other stuff, this is acceptable. 


Also, the final greatest of all. The “Mango Glutinous Rice Balls” (芒果汤圆). This is something special that not everywhere has. In fact, in Penang there is no single restaurant that served this dessert yet. The outer part looks like rice ball, but the inner part once bite, the juicy mango quicksand flow out is like the greatest enjoyment on different style of eating mango.

Summary, this is the place for light snack and breverages, not for a proper heavy meal.

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