Penang Food On Any Occasion @ JL Steamboat, Georgetown

“Happy Birthday, come let’s go for steamboat”. “Welcome On Board, tonight let’s have steamboat!”. “Goodbye and all the best, farewell at steamboat restaurant”. Seems like whatever occasion that we have, steamboat will always be the popular option. As a Penangite, I could hardly remember how many times I had steamboats in a year. I told my friend from Taiwan and China that we used to have steamboat all year long no matter sunny or rain. They thought I was kidding as to them eating steamboat can warm up our body during winter days, but our weather here is so hot and it is unbelievable that we could still enjoy steamboat 365 days per year, which in fact has become part of our culture.

There are many places in Penang that offer buffet-style steamboat. But there is one place that offers variety of dishes from fish to meat and vagetablse with 130 over selections. The name of this place is no other than “JL Steamboat Restaurant”. This restaurant is located at Nagor Street, just next door to Sugar Dynasty.

A wide variety of options are available on the trays for barbecue.

The restaurant has toriQ as well. (ToriQ, Japanese’s barbecue kebab cubes in a stick – Satay). The sticks had been stacked with meat, prawn and capsicums.

Other than the barbecue corner, the usual steamboat corner has plenty to offer as well.

Dozens of bird egg ready to be dipped into the hot pot.

Options of fish balls, meat balls and vege balls.

Seafood ranged from squids to clams and prawns.

For those who prefer to cook their own noodle while having steamboat, the options are not limited to only the usual instant noodles (maggi mee).

Minced meat, mushrooms, and even black fungus are available for you to choose from.

Even the sauces also came in varieties, from belacan chili to Thai-style chili and tomyam paste. The ever popular cili padi on soya sauce was available as well.

There were 4 varieties of soup base for the steamboat, from chicken-stock soup to fish-stock soup. The fish soup tasted better than the chicken soup.

Other than the fish and chicken soup, there was also the tomyam soup and also Chinese herbal soup. The aroma of the Chinese herbal soup was nice and strong especially when the soup was boiling. As for the tomyam soup, the taste was a bit mild and not spicy enough. In fact I feel that it would be better if the soup is a bit more thicker and spicier.

Another selling point of JL Steamboat is on its exclusive barbecue service. It is designed for those who do not prefer DIY barbecue and the oily and smoky smell of the indoor barbecue.

Beef slices and ham.

Barbecue pork slices and chicken pieces.

Marinated fish for barbecue.

Fried chicken wings and nuggets.

Fried yam pieces and fried fish maw.

Marinated pandan chicken and prawns.

Japanese ToriQ.

Fried seafood taugua and tofu. (Anything being passed to the barbecue executive will be cooked and prepared.)

As for dessert, chocolate lovers should not miss the chocolate fountain at the end of the meal.

For those who want to cool down after the steaming hot steamboat, different flavours of ice cream were made available for you.

Overall, JL Steamboat offers various types of dishes for steamboat and barbecue. However, the freshness of the food needs to be considered as certain food are still not very fresh. Thanks to Criz for the generous arrangement.

Price (Adult): RM17.90 (Lunch time, Mon-Fri), RM21.90 (Normal)
Senior Citizen (55+): RM14.90 (Lunch time, Mon-Fri), RM16.90 (Normal)
Children (<10): RM8.90, (<3) FREE

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm; 5:00pm – 11:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-210 1122
Address:No. 27, Jalan Nagor, 10050, Georgetown Penang.

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  1. nice write-up.
    ya here so hot yet we eat steamboat all the time. Luckily there’s air-cond here or else we would be sweating non-stop already!!

  2. hahaha! i like your title! i was wondering what you meant by penang on any occasion food! lol

    its true…steamboat is a crowd favourite to celebrate any occasion! haih i missed this. must definitely go one of these many choices!!

  3. Little inbox, come lah join us this round.

    lingzie, sure ah… we can organize for a rombongan there also even without any occasion. 🙂

    ah bee, next time we need to wear singlet with 3/4 short and sandal dee.

    Cariso, too bad you are sick that day, else we will be even crazier.

    NKOTB, you should join us that day.

    Jian, not really late. Just one day older.

    Mary, your’s review also rocks.

  4. I thought you would not come out with this post.. lol! Scare too many write ups later until June?? haha. It’s great to have all the wacky friends around that night. 🙂

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