Pay Less For Royal Treatment @ Parkroyal Hotel

It has been a while since I last I utilised my Parkroyal Prestige membership card. I was a member like half a year ago but only used it for not more than 3 times. I did feel abit regret by after I signed up because I don’t travel to KL so often and moreover there are only 2 Parkroyal Hotels in Malaysia. I felt like I have been hypnotised by the telemarketing person who called me up although I was trained on communication skills during my tenure as a Sales Consultant in D*LL few years ago. Perhaps they have hired some voodoo casters as telesales.

 The card has grown fungus in my wallet for nearly half a year until recently I saw it while I was sorting out the receipts and garbage in my wallet. This card was flashing right into my eyes as if it was telling me that it had been left out for quite a while. Instead of being cheated once, why not I try out the fine dinning at Parkroyal Penang since there is nothing much they can cheat me this time.

Arriving at Parkroyal Penang, with my camera taking the photo without flash. It seems like quite blur, but it is worse with flash.

The surrounding inside the hotel lobby.

The pool site, where no one is swimming at this time. 

Antique vase display, not sure which dynasty is it from?

Opium, which has been replaced by weed and ecstasy pills these days.

The hotel has placed aroma theraphy lamps at every corner even near the lobby and also inside the restaurant to make you feel relaxed like at home and also to boost your appetite.

Arriving at Tiffins Restaurant located at level 1 of the hotel. Once you are out from the elevator you will be welcomed by warm greetings from the restaurant staffs. 

The layout of the restaurant which has been arranged with glasses of white and red wine.

The Tiffins’s Menu, do not open this until you are prepared for the worst on the pricing. 

Gosh… the appetiser already cost RM38 and the choices of main course range from RM50 – RM80. Set Dinner starts from RM99++ per pax. 

If you are a fan for Japanese’s steak, Wagyu beef is available here and the pricing is RM225 per 200gm. :p

The bread is served after we have ordered our food.

The candle light also contain the ingredients of aroma theraphy.

Olive oil and 2-in-1 ketchup bottle.

There is a choice of sparkling water and sterilised water, and we chose sparkling water which turned out to be exclusively from Perrier…(RM17 per bottle, aiks!)

The display at the counter with the stove behind it.

Mini appetiser is provided free of charge to you even if you didn’t order for the set meal.

The red and the white wine which I don’t dare to order.

Chicken slices appetiser.

Abalone slices appetiser.

Master is teaching the apprentice on how to grill a good steak. (May the force be with the steak.)

The Grilled Sirloin Beef which I have ordered. It’s prepared in Medium rare without toppings yet.

The Grilled Rib Eye Beef with black pepper sauce.

The Grilled Sirloin Beef with red wine sauce.

The preparation of the beef is just nice where it really met the medium rare level. The juiciness of the stick and also the tenderness of the meat were still kept fresh without over-cooked. Having it with the red wine sauce is an excellent combination.

For the dessert, I have ordered the Warm Banana Strudel. It is actually bananas wrapped in crispy skin made from flour, and it actually tasted like biscuit. Serving together with the dish is haagen-dazs ice cream.

The whole meal cost us about RM200 but with Prestige card, we are having a discount of 50% on the food and 20% on the beverages. For those who want to enjoy quality lifestyle but have limited budget, this is a way to get it.

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Food Presentation

10 thoughts on “Pay Less For Royal Treatment @ Parkroyal Hotel”

  1. Hey, I want to borrow your card!! *GRINS*
    This place is cool, and I laughed in anticipation while I scrolled down reading your description of the photos, especially on the red and white wine.

    You know what, it’s always a bomb to eat in these places, and I can tell you about the Rasa Sayang one as well.
    But the fact is, the environment and the thought of the food being prepared by a well-trained/flown in chef who probably stored all that years of great education under his hat, it somehow made up for it:)

    Well…taking out the credit card to charge that bill and then seeing it in your bill at the end of the month might probably stir another round of attack….hmmmm, but that’s a different story…

    Nice Sharing!~:D

  2. I have the buffet lunch in Tiffins during our department team building last July. Not bad. But I still prefer the restaurant on the ground floor. I forgot the name. Maybe you can try out another time.

    By the way, the photos seem a little bit dark. Time for you to get a flash or new camera. Hahaha. *wink*

    The 50% discount is really attracting me! As what Christy said, can borrow from you? Or we go together? Hahahaa.

  3. ck lam, I am not sure is a right way to review this post with plentiful of pictures? Do you used to load a lot of photos on the web too?

    christy, any time as long as you tell me 1 week earlier I can arrange my card to borrow you. Moreover you are helping me to collect points 🙂

    Food promotion, you should have review this place too. I am planing for second round of Wagu beef dinner.

    Allen, no money lah. Wanna buy new camera but dried out now. May be have to do like Foodpoi, get more earning from web and earn his camera by blogging. muahahaha

  4. good review with lots of photo, ambience, food display and food prices. You must be discipline to review eateries with these requirements so that we can assess which restaurants we prefer. Good luck with your hobby given the exhorbitant prices at these restaurants and economic climate.

  5. Mercedez, thanks for the support. I will keep up the good job. Btw, I read your blog. Is interesting as well, the only thing lack off is some pictures and with that it will be more interesting.

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  7. LOL!!!! Hey Steven, from the looks of the photo that Prestige card *does* have some mold :p

    “The red and the white wine which I don’t dare to order.”

    LOL…well, I don’t blame you and only 20% off beverage? aiyo….
    they should be more generous after what you paid for the card, rite?

    me too, I want to borrow your Prestige card and tell them im Sergio Goh. hahaha 😀

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