VIP Flogger Gathering @ Edelweiss Cafe

27 Sep 08 is a grand day for Penang Food Bloggers. I felt honoured to be invited as one of the members. The place that we gathered was at Edelweiss Cafe. It is actually a Swedish restaurant. I was questioned by my readers before why I never blogged about this cafe, while CK Lam’s What2See blog has already published this page for sometime. Well, finally I have the chance to blog about this restaurent and I am not going to blog just about the food here, but also the memorable event for all the food bloggers in Penang.

The actual location for this restaurent is located at 38, Armenian Road. You will most probably be asking where the heck is this Armenian Road? Actually it’s just along the road to Khoo Kongsi. If you still don’t know how to get there, just ask any of the Penang’s food bloggers, and they will tell you how to get to this tiny restaurent.

(Caution this post contains a lot of pictures of great food as well as VIP Food Bloggers, please be patient while waiting for the page to load. ) 

It actually took me quite a while to get to this place as I didn’t know the actual location, thanks to one of the food bloggers who took a snap shot of the front entrance of Edelweiss Cafe, only I know I am at the right spot. 

By the time I have arrived, there were already quite a lot of bloggers started to register themselves for this event.

Before the event started there were bloggers already took photos of the tables, floor and ceiling.

I was one of them who took pictures all around the place. The classic ceiling lamp.

The recond old grandfather clock.

The Nonya and Baba photos.

The classic bar counter.

The kitty bakes, home made goodness chocolate chips cookies as our door gift.

Another lovely hearted container with jam tart inside was given as a door gift by the organiser CK Lam. *Yummy*

Anouncement has been made by the organiser about this event.

After the announcement each of the attendees had to stand up and gave a brief introduction about themselves.

One of the famous online money making bloggers that I would like to know in person for so long has finally become a dream come true to me. ChanLilian the 5xmom, she has given me some tips on making money online rather than relying on Pay Per Post. I really hope to get more chances to learn from her again. 

Nick Chan, the most youngest blogger among others. He said to have started blogging since the age of 12 as for me I was still playing (bakuli) pebbles at that age.

Introduction continue….

and goes on, with Mat Salleh (Foreigner) in the loop as well…..

The beautiful blogger who started blogging as a reason to search for lost-in-touch school mates but ended up blogging for interest and community services.

My appetizer, tomato soup was served after the long winded introduction.

The cheese bread with onion sprinkle on top.

Lists of yummy food ordered by various bloggers.

B52(big smoked sausage with Roesti and Mustard)

Curry Pork Sausage (served with French fries and salad)

Gammon Ham (served with mashed potatoes, onion gravy and salad)

BBQ Pork Ribs (served with french fries and salad)

Curry Pork Sausage (served with French fries and salad) – with tomato sauce and curry powder sprinkled on top

Smoke Pork Belly (served with mashed potatoes and salad)

Roast Leg of Lamb (served with mashed potatoes, gravy and mint sauce) 

Edelweiss Special Ice Cream (this is not included in the set dinner that we had ordered)

Dessert that came together with the set dinner.

Coffee for the relaxing and comfort after the heavy dinner.

One of the VIP floggers gathering organiser, CK Lam. There is another organiser that sitting beside me which is Criz Loh. Anyway due to his low profile practice, I still unable to get a picture with him.

Chan Lilian the 5xmon with her own wordpress shirt which printed at the back of her shirt, not sure I can get one of that also?

Ah Shui Little Kitchen boy friend.

The flogger heavyweight champion that every one is waited for PenangTuaPui, you are not considered a PRO in Penang food if you didn’t know them. Huat Koay, the founder of PenangTuaPui. (All the members of PenangTuaPui are working under cover, so their face have to be masked.)

Tam Ciak, the co-founder of PenangTuaPui. Again, he is also working under cover, so is masked too.

Nick Chan, the famous young blogger.

Posting with Alvin, another young blogger.

Yi Phing, gosh…… I am feeling OLD dee. 


Taking picture in this group made me felt like a celebrity for a few seconds as the flashes of the cameras were non-stop until I didn’t know which camera to look at.

The crowd cheers..

There is no rating for this post as I believe there are a lot of bloggers have been posting the same pictures as mine. By the way, it is a very successful event that doesn’t involve any business talks or any direct selling marketing. It is just purely interest and hobbies on food and cooking. I really looking forward to the 3rd round of this gathering.

30 thoughts on “VIP Flogger Gathering @ Edelweiss Cafe”

  1. Hey, Steven, nice meeting you although we do not have much chance to talk. Pls contact me. Got some errors in this post of yours that need to be ironed out.

  2. I couldn’t get my bus ticket to come back, Criz has mentioned it to me and i seriously would love to join…. *sob sob*….and the food that i missed!!! *bang head*

    Hehehehe….Thanks for sharing Steven!

  3. Criz, find some days we go try out some exotic food.

    Hi CK, my pleasure to get invited as one of the food bloggers. Looking forward to our next gathering.

    Cariso, glad to hear from you. Err…. any problem on my post 🙁

    Ah Shui, thansk for dropping by. I wanna learn from you on how to cook dee. Don’t want to let people say I just know how to eat only.

    PenangTuaPui, pai seh… I will swap both of your pictures.

    Cazycazz, you should have join us. I always want to see you in person. Hope you can join us on the next gathering.

  4. Ken, nice to meet you. I had added you to my link also. If you did dropped by to penang again, let us go and review some foods. 🙂

    YiPhing, don’t say like that… I am very pai seh, LOL

  5. Steven,

    No problem. Stay put and wait for surprise which myself and Huat Koay will announce soon. You all definitely will be surprised. Trust me! Give us sometime. When time appropriate, we will inform you.


    By the way, I am working in IT Line too ….. daytime as IT Manager and night time as hungry ghost. What a life ….

  6. Hey Steven, I think you have a typo…. hehehe, it should be September and not August. Wakakakaka.

    Yes hor…. we have the same photos for the first few pics. Your photos are great. Actually I didn’t post all of them. Some of the photos I put in my personal blog. You can go there and have a look if you have the time.

    About going out to have food and do critic together, I have no problem on that. Just let me know when. Hehe. Send me an email and we can plan out. 🙂

    Nice to meet you!

  7. I am really envious to see so many nice pics and I have missed this event!~:)
    Hey, don’t think you’re old…no one’s too old to be in the blogging thing…:D
    Look fwd to more gatherings in the future!~

  8. Steven,

    What a gathering and some lovely pictures of the food and of course some of the bloggers whose sites I have visited.

    For your information as well as your readers, Armnenian Street before the war was known as “Millionaire Row” It was full of business people. Only reason I know this is because my dad and aunts lived in my great granddad’s house there. He was a building contractor and was responsible for the building of the Prison at Dato Keramat Road as well as the Court buildings near the ferry.

    He was one of the first people to own a car in Penang. Unfortunately, he had 2 wives and the children of the second wife squandered all the money on opium and girls. They blew my inheritance, consequently, I am having to now work for a living! Hopefully with your help not for long!!!!!

    Keep up the blog, makes my week go faster.



  9. Allen, that’s great. Wait for my veggie fasting season finished I will arrange the makan trip with you.

    Christy, not too worries. Next time when got gethering I will publish in my blog and inform you. Hope to see you next round.

    Yat, I didn’t know that there is rich man street. All the while I know the rich man’s place is at Midden Height and Tanjong Bungah. May be next time these 2 places will become like Armnenian Street dee. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and comments. Long time didn’t have your comments here 🙂

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  11. Oh, you are having vegetarian for 9 days? Actually, you can make it during the Kao Ong Yar as well, since I am OK with Veggie food too. Haha. Anyway, waiting for your arrangement.

  12. Yo Steven,

    You took how many picture that night ah ? All shown out already? Coz a lot ppl haven’t show all loh …. go food … no human one ….. hahaha

  13. Hahaha, the W and S logo so striking.

    Lucky Lingzie put the links of all the posts or else I cannot remember which blog belongs to who.

  14. lingzie, I am looking forward for the next gathering. I heard Allen told me that it will be pod luck the next gathering?

    bb community, you should join us next round.

    email2me, all my pictures are here dee. I can’t put more pictures already. It has been too slow on loading 🙁

    Lilian, thanks for dropping by. Btw, where to get the wordpress’s tshirt ah?

  15. don’t worry ginna, we are constantly having gathering. I will update the date and location on my blog if there are any upcoming next gethering 🙂

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