Patsa Thai Thai Shop, Jalan Dato Keramat – The emphasis of quality ingredients

Patsa is a family name for Thais and this family is famous in Thailand for Thai Boat Noodle. Back in Thailand, Patsa has 4 branches of Thai Boat Noodle shops. The food prepared by the Patsa family is emphasizing on quality. Therefore most of the ingredients prepared in Patsa Thai Thai Penang are homemade and this has made them stand out from the rest.


Currently, there is only one Patsa Thai Thai Shop in Penang.


The environment of the shop is very cozy and the shop is run by a couple whose wife is a Thai. Patsa, is the family name for the lady owner. The shop is located at Jalan Dato Keramat. If you are driving down from Jalan Masjid and facing Komtar, you will see Ivory Time Square is on your right, keep driving and you will see there is a small Indian Temple on your right as well, at the same row you will see Hotel 118. Patsa Thai Thai shop is just a few doors before the hotel.


The food prepared in this shop is Pork Free and Beef Free. There are 18 tables in this place. This place also serves non-alcohol drinks and it is also a family friendly restaurant.


The hand rest pillow and also the utensils in this place were all fully imported from Thailand.


Matum Water, RM2 per glass – Thai kiwi juice in which the fruits were also imported from Thailand. It tasted appetizing and non-sourish. The taste resembled our local Lo Han Guo except this had lower sugar content and was boiled in long hours. It is good for cooling down after the hot and spicy dishes.


There are 2 types of homemade chilies served on each table. This dark red type of chili is the mild and delightful one. The level of hotness will increase if you eat it constantly.


For this type of green chili, the spiciness is supreme and it is very hot. Just a few drop of this chili will make a non-spicy eater like me cry like mad.


Kiaw, complementary with any dining purchased – it is a Thai snack similar to our deep-fried wantan skin. It was crispy and great to go with Thai chili sauce.


The chef will only prepare Kiaw when the customers are seated. Therefore it will be fresh and crispy when served. If placed too long it will become soggy. It is a very unique dish where you will hardly find this at other Thai restaurants.


Thai Boat Noodle – RM1.90 per bowl. With the choice of 3 noodle types:

  • Thai Kuey Tiew
  • Thai Mee Hoon Noodle
  • Thai Yellow Noodle


There are 2 options for the Thai Boat Noodle, soup base or dry base. The soup is cooked using free range “kampung” chicken. 3 birds of chicken are used to prepare around 100 bowls of boat noodle. The chicken meat balls are also homemade and made from chicken drumsticks. The balls are chewy partially due to the tendon from the chicken drumsticks. For my personal preference, I still prefer the soup base as the fragrance of the soup tasted better compared to the dry version. The homemade yellow noodle was bouncy and smooth which make this another highlight of this restaurant. The cooking has no MSG added.


The stacking of the bowls is the usual way to show how appreciative you are towards Thai boat noodle.


Song Tam – RM25, the ingredients are carefully selected by the chef. This dish is the authentic type of Song Tam and it includes green papaya, fresh mussels, pickled salad, imported sausages from Thailand, hard boiled eggs and Thai bihun. Everything is made from fresh including the slicing of papaya is by using knife to chop instead of shredding. As you can see the sausage looks different from our local ones and it tasted nice and unique too. The overall taste of this Song Tam is different but is an authentic Thai version.


There are 2 types of sauce which are used to make song tam. The usual one that we had in other places has been improvised with localized flavour which is usually sweet and sour. However, the authentic type of Song Tam is more salty and surprisingly once I tried, I love it. However, the price of RM25 per plate is considered on the higher side compared to others. However, authenticity is the key.


Thai Boat Noodle Special – RM6.00. With the choices of 3 noodle types:

  • Thai Kuey Tiew
  • Thai Mee Hoon Noodle
  • Thai Yellow Noodle

It also comes with either the dry or soup base options.


The portion of the noodle is 3 times more compared to the RM1.90 version. It consisted of a free range (kampung) chicken drumstick which was very chewy and tender. For me, I will chose a bowl of this compared to 3 bowls of RM1.90.


Even the bill here is also shown in Thai which makes this place more Thai-feel.


Overall, the food here is made fresh daily and the emphasis of the Chef to make the food taste fresh and perfect make it a huge selling point here. Part of the revenue earned from this restaurant have been used for temple renovation in Thailand. The average waiting time of each table will be 6 – 15 minutes as most of the ingredients are made fresh. As for parking, the shop only operates for dinner time so there will be ample public car parks surrounding this place by that time. The price of the food here is reasonable except for Song Tam which is slightly expensive.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 5:00pm – 12:00am, Open Daily.
Contact: 016- 476 6156
Address: 29C, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150, Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5.413338, 100.326969

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