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Homemade savouries are always the best. The hygiene can be assured while the additives and preservatives used are at minimum or non at all. Sometime if I have the chance I would choose to eat at home than having my meal outside.

For those who love home-cooked and home-baked style, now you can have them without even getting yourself messed-up in the kitchen! It is just as simple as picking up your phone and dial the number and the food will be delivered to your door steps. However, there are terms and conditions apply. The delivery coverage is only in Penang Island and Prai.If you are looking for something unique and delicious don’t forget to call Nicole for further details.

Mini Tuna Quiche – RM27 (9pcs per box), The word quiche comes from French, which ultimately borrowed the word from Lorraine Franconian Küeche ‘cake’ (cf. German Kuchen).

The Quiche was made of tuna, mayo, mushroom slices, tomato slices and some pickled olives on top.

The tuna and the mayo made a good couple. With slices of tomato, it was really appetizing. The outer layer of the quiche was so crunchy and gave a very good scent of baking aroma. As for the pickled olives, I don’t think everyone knows how to enjoy it, I personally prefer without it.

Mango cake (1kg) – RM79, layers of mango slices were made to cover this cake. On top of that were kiwi slices and strawberries. Even the inner cake was also stuffed with a lot of mangoes.

The cake is specially designed for mango lovers. It took about 5 mangoes to make this cake. And not to mention that the mango layout done for the outer cake is so tedious and time consuming. The cake really qualifies for both beauty and taste.

Check out the mango slices inside the cake. The portion was so generous. However, one thing to note is you need to call Nicole to check if the Mango is available on that day. According to Nicole, the problem of making this cake is finding good mangoes.

Chocolate cake (1.5kg) – RM89, This Belgium chocolate cake definitely looks very elegant and tempting. It is made from 100% Belgium chocolate.

On top of this cake were some edible chocolate balls which made the cake look more refined.

The cake was rich with chocolate and yet it was not overly sweet. The chocolate really melted in your mouth. I just couldn’t help myself one piece after another with the cake.

Jelly mooncake – RM30 per box. The jelly moon cake is a new type of moon cake. The flavors are listed as below:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet corn
  • Green Tea
  • Dragon fruit

The jelly moon cakes will be packed into a box of 4 with the flavors chosen by customers.

Each of the jelly moon cake has their unique taste. I love the one with sweet corn and dragon fruit flavours.  The sweet corn was the one you could feel the texture of corn in it while the dragon fruit was full of fruity flavor. The jelly moon cake are made into 2 portions. The inner portion is a normal jelly which is rich with fillings while the outer layer is more soft and creamy. This type of moon cake is very different from the regular and traditional type that we used to try.

Shanghai mooncake – RM40 per box, Shanghai moon cake is also the type of moon cake that taste and look very different from the regular moon cake. The Shanghai mooncake is in smooth rounded shape and topped with some kua chee.

The inner portion of the Shanghai moon cake is nothing different from the regular one, the only difference is on the outer crust which is more thick and creamier. It is best served after 2 to 3 days from the oven so that the outer layer will be softer.

Overall, the bakery done by Nicole is simply excellent. This homemade types are hard to find in Penang nowadays especially with high levels of cleanliness and quality. With the cakes delivered right to your doorstep at such price is considered to be very reasonable.

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Food Presentation

Operation hours: – (7 days a week)

Contact: 012-492 1648
Address: (Deliver to your door step, only available in Penang and Prai)

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  1. Sounds great !!! I love home bake cakes or savouries cos it taste so much better. Most of all they don’t have colouring, preservatives and etc.

  2. Hi Steven,
    The belgium chocolate cake do look tasty and feel like want to get one soon. Does this quoted include delivery? or additional charges needed?


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