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This post was back on last Wednesday. It was a semi-easy day, we finished visiting our customer and was already 4:30pm. Therefore we planned to have our late lunch. Actually, this place was suggested by Michael Cheah and he claimed that this is a place worth a try. Therefore, we went there together with our sales admin.

This place is call Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant. It’s a place for vegetarian lovers. By the way, the defination of vegetarian for Chinese 九王爷(Nine Emperor God) is a bit different. For the the Nine King God believers having milk is prohibited but this does not work for general vegetarians.

The brief location of this place is inside Little India. Wikimapia GPS location is shown as below: 

These are some pictures of the restaurant from the outside: 

I like the interior design, it makes me feel very cozy and not that cramp as well.  

According to our sales admin who is an Indian lady, all the pictures hanging on the wall contain meaning. Unfortunately she doesn’t know the story behind them also. If some of you do know the story please explain to me. 

The door holder is made from gold…? 

This is a very unique dish. The name is ‘Chenna Batura’, is like I am holding a stone (Cina Batu Lah). Anyway, this dish is like a big BALL when presented infront of me but when it cooled down the it will become flattened.

The price of this dish is RM3.10

Despite the flattened outlook the taste is still very nice. You will find the curry a bit sour and not too spicy, cooked with (kacang putih) is very nice.

‘Stuff Paratha’ sound to me like the Planta Stuff, kidding. The main ingredient is made from flour. This taste very nice too. There are 2 different curries with different tastes. The spiciness of each is at different level too.

The price of this dish is RM2.50.

Another mango lassi, I feel that the lassi here is more thick and I love the taste here compared to Sri Ananda’s. 

As side dish we ordered “Panner Butter Masala”. The name to me sounds like the person who owns a pan is having problem with applying butter. Anyway, the curry is Masala curry and the cubic stuff is made from milk. The process of making it is like Chinese making taufu. Nice!

A typical Indian stall usual will have stainless steel cups for hot drinks. Usually they will served with a bowl too and this one is for you to PULL “tarik”. See? 

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

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  2. hahahhahah… you’re a comedian 😛 Chenna Battura LOL

    I love paneer too. BTW Spice & Rice closed for renovation until further notice??? :-O I think something amiss here… Change of ownership? 🙁 I Definitely missed the Friday Live Jazz 🙁

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  5. wow!nice review…love it!for me the best indian restaurant is D’Tandoor at precinct 10, tanjung bungah,you should try it one day n pls write a review!i recommend u to try the fish cutlet is deep fried in batter with spices.the prawn vindaloo is very very spicy so be careful.for dessert try the kulfi there-it is indian style ice cream.they also do good briyani’ let me know how it goes yeah…one day,i must go to woodlands.sounds good to me!

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