New York Burger Time, Jalan Irrawaddi – Serving The Varieties of Burgers

Burger has been a popular food in Penang seen 19th century. However, it was seen as a normal serving of food around until recently when there is a sudden abnormal growth of burger cafes in Penang. Many burger cafes started selling varieties and special types of burger. They tried to make their burgers outstanding by serving with special patties, unique sauces and distinctive breads. Despite the stiff competition, one of the delectable shops that serves nice burger is New York Burger Time.


It is not hard to locate this place. If you are driving via Burma Road, you will see Union Primary School on your left. As that road is a one way street, keep driving and you will soon pass Hotel 1926. Just after that you need to keep right. On your right hand side, you will see a small lane known as Service Road. Turn into that road and keep driving until you see the right junction in front with the road sign reading “Irrawaddy Road”. Keep driving along Irrawaddy Road and you will notice on your right hand side is Harvest Inn Cafe, just a few doors from Harvest Inn you will see New York Burger Time.



New York Burger Time is built in a pre-war building and it is also classified under the Heritage Conservation by UNESCO. The entire cafe is decorated with US and New York posters.


The many varieties of burger are shown below.


Broadway – RM9.90, the signature burger of this cafe. The bread of the burger was made of charcoal. Besides that, the chicken was well marinated and grilled with cheese, filled with lettuce slices and a touch of herbs. The burger came with some fries as side dish.


The cheese melted over the grilled chicken patty. The bite of the meat was so juicy. It was filled with aroma of herbs and the addition of cheese made the chicken tasted rich and juicy.


Yellow Cab – RM12.90, This dish is exactly the same as above, except that it had been added with a sunny side up and chicken bacon.


The grilled chicken tasted the same as Broadway’s, the only difference is the topping of sunny side up and bacon made this dish more exclusive.


Queens II – RM12.90, the burger was made of grilled beef patty, minced chili beef, onion rings, Jalapeño, cheese, lettuce and tomato.


For those beef lovers and chili lovers, this dish should not to be missed. It was all spiced up right from the sauce till to the meat. Make sure you have enough water on your side before you begin.


Big Apple – RM14.90, the ultimate chicken burger with 2 x grilled chicken patty, 2 x cheese, chicken bacon, lettuce + tomato, and cheesy sauce.


For me, this serving is a bit too much. It seems like everything is doubled. The portion caters for extremely hungry customer or big eater.


Brooklyn Brawl – RM15.90, for this burger it consisted of grilled beef+chicken patties, cheese, minced chili beef, lettuce and tomato.


The chicken patty for this burger tasted as juicy as the rest of chicken burgers listed above. However, the tenderness of the beef petty was overdone and it is not as delightful compared to other burger stalls.


Little Mermaid,  This burger consisted of seafood patty which was made from shrimp, fish and crab meat. The burger was complemented with deep fried enoki mushroom, lettuce and tomato.


This is one of the best burgers that I would recommended for this place. So far there are hardly any seafood patty burgers around here and also the patty is so packed with seafood flavour. I just can’t get my head off thinking about this burger.


Chicken Stewer – RM13.90, the ‘satay’ was served using marinated chicken cubes. In between there were lettuce, onion, garlic and cucumber, then covered with mayonnaise and sprinkled with mixed herbs. Just like any other burger dishes, it was complemented with fries as a side dish.


The taste of the chicken cubes were very nice. Instead of serving with burger breads, it was served as skewers. It really served the taste differently.


Carbonara Seafood – RM12.90, the spegatthi was cooked with creamy white sauce. It was then cooked with some shrimps, muscles, fish fillet, mushroom slices and sprinkled with some mixed herbs.


The taste of the carbonara was quite rich but delicious. The shrimps were very fresh and it was a great dish.


Lasagna Chicken – RM12.90, The lasagna sheets were filled with minced chicken meat and tomato puree. On top of the lasagna, it was covered with cream cheese, cheese powder and mixed herbs.


The cheese powder was so generous. However, I find that the taste was just another regular lasagna.


A Regular Pizza – RM25.90 and comes with 2 drinks and garlic breads. BBQ Chicken Pizza,Pepperoni PizzaTuna Delight, and Marina Island. All in regular sizes.


The taste of the Marina Island Pizza was similar to Hawaiian Pizza, it was very appetizing and cheesy.


As for the pizza, they now serve charcoal pizza. By adding RM2.00, you can convert your regular pizza to charcoal pizza.


The uniqueness here is the crust of the pizza was made of charcoal bast and it is healthier. The pepperoni pizza was also very nice. However, I still prefer Marina Island.


Chicken Calzone – RM20.90, the stuffing was wrapped inside of on top of the pizza base. The ingredients were not much difference from a regular pizza.


However, the taste was more juicy compare to a normal pizza as the ingredients were wrapped inside then oven-baked.


Cheesy Garlic Bread – RM8.00, this so-called bread was made of pizza dough. It was stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with some mixed herbs as well.


The bread was very crispy and it is best dipped with mushroom soup.


Chicken Wings – RM5.60 Small, RM10.50 Large, which came with 3 types of sauce – ChilliBBQ, and Thai. The BBQ sauce was a home-made sauce.


The BBQ chicken wings are suitable for kids and non-spicy eaters.


The Thai-style chicken wings were slightly spicy and sourish. The taste was indeed very appetizing.


Chilli chicken wings, make sure you have the guts to try this as the spiciness is extreme and the taste of this dish can only be described in one word, which is SPICY.


Overall, this place serves very unique  and specialized dishes. The taste of the food is up to standard and the price is average. The outstanding point here is the patties and the bread of the burgers and pizza are simply different than others. However, the only problem here is parking. There are only 2 car park lots reserved in front of the shop.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00amm – 10:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 04-655 2626 (Jln. Sg. Dua), 04-227 2626 (Jln. Irrawadi), 04-264 2626 (Lebuh Union)
Address:  16, Jalan Irrawadi 10050, Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5° 42′ 55.99″ N, 100° 32′ 16.65″ E

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