New Tasty Hokkien Mee @ Huat Heng Cafe, Tg. Bungah

All this while I have been searching up and down for great hokkien mee. There have been a few places but most of them are too commercialised, either you have to wait for very long or the owner of the stall is not serving you right.

However, this is not the case  for the one I am going to introduce, Huat Heng Cafe. The location of this cafe is a few shops away from Esso petrol station at hillside, Tanjong Bungah. This cafe is located at the same row of Jalan Sungai Kelian, you will see Baan Thai restaurant from the opposite side.  

It is actually a debate between my editor and me that online blogs will help to boost up the visitors of a particular place, provided that they serve great food and nice service. For me I choose to believe this while my editor doesn’t and we will see who wins at the end of the day.

This particular Hokkien Mee stall is run by a couple and the owner of the stall is known as Ah Siang. They are new here with only 4 months of operation. Previously they were from Balik Pulau.

The price of the Hokkien Mee:

  • Small Bowl – RM2.50
  • Big Bowl – RM3.00
  • Big Bowl with Pork Ribs – RM3.50

My advice to hokkien mee lovers, small bowl is definitely not an option for you as it will not be sufficient. A large bowl will be just nice. And if you would like to have some meat, you can ask for pork ribs which will cost you an extra 50 sen.

A large bowl of Hokkien mee with pork ribs is the start of my day. The taste of the broth is filled with fresh sweetness of prawns and ribs. Although it is not as thick as it looks but the taste is simply tantalising. The prawns are soaked in salt which make a contrast to the soup, unlike the usual ones which are soaked in sugar to make it sweet. This is like eating dried shrimps but larger in size and softer in texture. The chili also plays an important role as the spiciness shouldn’t be too much or too less, or else the taste will be overwhelmed by the chili instead of its original prawn soup taste.

For sure, I can’t resist the taste of this great Hokkien Mee which makes me feel like re-visit again tomorrow.


A cup of coffee after the satisfying meal.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 9am – 6:00pm (Close on Wednesdays)
Contact:016-470 9812 (Ah Siang)
Address:Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjong Bungah (Huat Heng Cafe).

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16 thoughts on “New Tasty Hokkien Mee @ Huat Heng Cafe, Tg. Bungah”

  1. Hmm… I know they are new but I kind of missed the one I had when I was a kiddo. The one I mentioned was also from the same area. When I was at my granny’s place a few blocks away, a guy will ride his bicycle and use bamboos to “tok tok tok” all the way for house orders. He would deliver to houses in bowls. Amazing right with all the slopes at that area? Nowadays, you don’t see much of this traditional type of delivery.

  2. Anybody know of a reliable delivery service to ‘ta pow’ all the reputable food stalls in town – got to cater to a 20-30 people group of people this w’end – too small a party to arrange a caterer with all the Penang delights, too big and troublesome to go traipsing different food places so we thought we’ll eat at home – but we gotta get the food!!??

  3. Hi Steven,
    Got an excellent Hokkien Mee this morning at the Kopi Classic. Also an address to be recommended.

    (BTW, not sure to be able to meet as we already are running behind schedule. Otherwise we’ll take a rain check the size of the down-pour of last evening.)

    I’ll keep you posted next week if no time to meet up on this trip. We’ll be back in Penang in a few months anyway. Gotto run now.

  4. This mee stall is no longer there any more. A disappointment for me. The fried noodles is not nothing compare to its neighboring Ah Soon fried Koay Teow.

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