Moustache Houze, Campbell Street Penang – Great Coffee and Nice Cakes

There is abundant of heritage houses popping up around town area. However, owning one of them will cause a fortune. For me, I might not be able to earn one of that in a short time. Instead of owning one, hiring one of this places for relaxing and chilling might be a good idea than buying the whole place up.

One of the great places that I like to hang out is at Moustache Houze. It is not hard to locate the place. If you are driving at town area, drive up to Campbell Street. If you are not sure, ask around and the people will guide you there. The whole road of Campbell is one way. Keep driving until the end of the road and you will see Moustache Houze on your left.


Check out the wall painting and the hanging down light, making this place very homey and cozy. Books for all ages ranging from travelling to lifestyle are available at the shelves as everyone can have some quiet reading time if you don’t feel like talking.



The range of drinks varies from caffeinated drinks to fruit juices.


The cozy surrounding of the cafe.


The theme of this cafe is mustache. The wall art and decoration are all mustache-based.


There are also rooms available for rent. For those who are spending over RM80 will be entitled to use the room for 1 night.


This is a self-service cafe, if you want to order you may proceed to the counter directly instead of waiting at your table. At the same time, there are options of cake available at the fridge next to the counter.


Even the straws provided are attached with mustache design.


The coaster that is used also comes in mustache design.


Chocolate Ice Cubes with Fresh Milk – RM 12.90, one of the signatures here is the ice cube drink. The drink is made into ice cubes and mixed with another beverage. Below is the ice cube chocolate and served with a jar of milk to complete the drink.


The chocolate drink was freezed into a large ice cube, then served together with a jar of milk.


The way to drink this drink is very simple, just pour the jar of milk to the glass with chocolate ice cube. When you pour the milk, make sure you pour it carefully, else the milk will drip out every where. When the glass is filled with milk, stir the drink with the straw. This drink is very unique as we hardly can get this anywhere.


Passion Fruit Flavored Ice Cube with Soda Drink – RM11.90, for those who don’t feel like having caffeine or find chocolate too rich, try passion fruit flavored ice cube with soda.


This drink is very refreshing, as the passion fruit ice cubes blended very well with the soda drink. The taste was very refreshing and appetizing.


The same technique is required to pour the soda drink into passion fruit ice cube. When the soda is poured into the glass, you will see a nice sparkling and bubbling effect due to the gas from the soda.


Hokkaido Crepe Cakes – RM10.90, one of the top selling cakes here. The cake was baked in layers and each slice was added with some cream, then topped with some icing and fresh cream.


It is not easy to make this cake as it needs to be prepare layer by layer. Despite the hard work of making this cake, the taste of the cake was soft and creamy.


Red Velvet Cake – RM 11.90, another signature cake here is this red velvet cake. The color of the cake was bright red, and topped with strawberry which had been dipped with chocolate.


I find this cake a bit too dry and tasted normal, may be after tasted the soft and creamy crepe cake this velvet cake is just another normal cake to me.


Overall, the place here is very cozy and homely. However, parking around here might be a problem as there are limited public car parks outside this restaurant. The taste of the food is acceptable but the price of the drinks and food is slightly on the high side.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 4:30pm – 10:00pm, Daily
Contact: 012-4791988, 04-2622228  Christine Ooi
Address:  24, Campbell Street, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.
GPS: 5° 41′ 72.90″ N, 100° 33′ 54.40″ E

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