Monroe Cafe & Lounge, Georgetown – Is All About Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is one iconic actress, model and also singer during the 50’s. If you asked the baby boomers, the name Monroe is well-known to everyone. Monroe has often been cited as both a pop and a cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol. Her legendary fame is still very popular until today even she is not around.


The recent opening of Monroe Cafe & Lounge at Georgetown, Penang shows that this iconic star is still very popular. Monroe cafe is located inside 1926 Heritage Hotel. It is easy to locate 1926 Heritage Hotel. If you are driving from Anson Road towards Burma Road, keep driving for 300 meters where you will see Union Primary School on your left. If you keep driving for another 50 meters, you will see 1926 Heritage Hotel on your left too.



Monroe Cafe and Lounge is a combination of a restaurant, lounge and cocktail bar. This place also plays live music and is the perfect place for events all in one.


The surrounding of the cafe and lounge has been filled with figures and photos of Monroe.


The first section is the drinking area for people who love to chill out and chit-chat.


The signature of Monroe can be seen in one of the cocktails that will be serving soon.


For those that prefer a more comfortable seat, you can always request for the sofa and couch corner.


Besides the drinking area, there is also a place for teetotalers or so-called non-alcoholic drinkers. This area serves coffee and cakes.


According to the owner, even the coffee and also one of the cakes will be named after Monroe.


The live band that sings variety of songs from slow rock to classical. They are also available for song dedications.


The trademark and logo for Monroe cafe and lounge can easily be seen on their mugs.


Overall, this place has a huge Monroe influence. This soft launch does not have a food menu yet. After the next grand opening, the cafe will be launching their food menu and please stay tuned for a written review on the food.

Operation hours: –
Contact: 04-227 1926
Address: 227, Burmah Road, 10050 Penang.
GPS: 5.423957, 100.320591,17

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