Kopi Hutan, Monkeycup Penang Hill – Coffee in the Jungle

Enjoying the breeze up in the hill, listening to the sounds of birds and cicada tymbal while having a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to get away from the city for a relaxing tea break. Hidden within a 20 minutes walk from the Upper Station (the last station on top of Penang Hill), this is a great place to be recharged and rejuvenated .

Kopi Hutan (Home brewed Coffee) – RM14 for 2 pax. When you are here, you should order their signature Kopi Hutan. It was served in a stove top coffee maker. It feels like heaven on earth with the cool fresh air from the jungle and a hot cup of aromatic coffee. The Chocolate Mousse Cake – RM12 also paired perfectly well with Kopi Hutan.

Overall, this is a great to get away from our daily hectic life. It is a secluded place in the jungle of Penang Hill but it is easily accessible by jeep. The coffee was very nice and aromatic while the chocolate mousse cake was also rich and delicious. Be prepared with insects repellent as they like the jungle as much as you do. The price of the food and beverages here was slightly on the high side.

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