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Mooncake is a traditional Chinese cake eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. Traditionally, mooncakes are made using high amount of sugar and fat. Over the years, mooncakes have evolved to come in various sizes, flavours, shapes and textures. Unfortunately, most bakers do not dare to reduce the sugar and fat content in fear that the taste may be compromised. Even if some bakers managed to introduce mooncakes with a lower sugar content, the varieties are limited and they are generally more expensive than regular mooncakes.

As our society is leaning towards a healthier lifestyle, Silk Mooncake sees this as an opportunity and came out with a series of mooncakes which are low in sugar and fat content. Silk Mooncake is a new brand in the local mooncake industry. All the mooncakes made by Silk Moon Cake contain 30% less sugar than commercial brands. They also contain less fat and are certified Halal, which mean our Muslim friends get to enjoy this healthy and delicious mooncakes too.

As the title mentioned, Silk Mooncake is giving away FREE mooncakes. If you purchased 4 pieces of Mooncakes you are entitled to get 2 pieces of selected mooncakes for FREE. All you need to do is to mention this code: SILKB4F2 when you make your purchase at participating stalls mentioned below.

  • Queensbay, Ground Floor
  • Sunway Carnival, Ground Floor
  • Gurney Plaza, 1st Floor

For those who are not able to make it to the shopping malls and would like to have the mooncakes delivered, with every purchase of RM160 and above and an additional RM7, the mooncakes will be sent to your doorstep. (Delivery in Penang Island and Mainland, 2 – 3 days lead times). You may call 04-283 2368 or Mobile 012-452 2818 ( Mr. Soon) for further enquiries.

There are more than 20 types of flavour available. My top 6 pick are:

Nyonya Sambal – RM25.80, this sounds like a weird flavour for a mooncake and this is the first time I tried this flavour. Surprisingly, the combination of mooncake and sambal blended very well and it was a very pleasant surprise.

Mixed nuts – roasted almond – RM25.80 – mixture of roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and lotus seeds. The aroma of almonds and mixed nuts was so fragrant, it tasted like a granola bar and every single bite contained generous amount of nuts.

As you can see from the above picture, the mixed nuts mooncake was full of nuts and was not too sweet.

Musang King Durian Pure Lotus – RM24.80, the smell of durian started to fill up the air the package was opened. Musang King is one of the most exclusive durians in Malaysia due to its distinguish scent. Durian lovers should be thrilled to find that their favourite fruit has been incorporated into Silk Mooncakes.

Cranberry Pure Lotus – RM24.80, the mooncake was stuffed with cranberry flavour and the hint of sourness made the mooncake tasted both refreshing and appetizing.

Japanese Sweet Bean Pure Lotus – RM25.80, the Japanese sweet beans were imported from Japan and the texture of the bean was soft and fragrant.

Pure White Lotus Single Yolk – RM24.80, this is the common type of mooncake which you can get anywhere. However, what makes Silk Mooncake different is the white lotus paste was very soft and smooth which is similar to the touch of silk.

Overall, the Silk Mooncake were delicious and healthy. They have a series of flavour which are unique such as Nyonya Sambal and Japanese Sweet Bean. Most importantly, all the mooncakes have lower sugar content. Silk Mooncake caters to Muslim consumers as well as it is HALAL certified.

Silk Mooncake stalls can be located at:

  • Queensbay Mall Penang, Ground Floor
  • Sunway Carnival, Ground Floor
  • Gurney Plaza Penang, 1st Floor

Silk Mooncake Office number: 04-283 2368, Mobile: 012 – 452 2818 ( Mr. Soon)


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