Kamunting Lake View Restaurant – Enjoying The Great View with Good Food

“Wah…. how to go to this place?” This is the question that will pop up when I told someone a place that  is rural yet serves good food and environment.

Kulim is a place where a lot of good food around here are hidden. One of the places that serves good food and great view at an affordable price is no other than Kamunting Lake View Restaurant.

To go to this place you need to follow the road from Kulim to Mahang. When you see the Godess Of Mercy Temple on your right, turn in. Then turn into Jalan Ulu Paip and keep following the small road until you see the signboard of Kamunting Lake View Restaurant. Just follow it and you will reach the destination.

This place has been named as Lake View Restaurant due to the restaurant was setup above the lake.

The view of the lakeside was very peaceful and quiet. You could even get to listen to the chirps of crickets and birds, besides the cheering sound of the diners. This place is where you can find all the flora and fauna surrounding the lake which gives you back-to-the-nature feel.

Just beside the lake view restaurant is a pond with many fish owned by the restaurant. These fish are freshly caught and served to the customers at Lake View Restaurant.

This is the so-called Bom fish, it is also a kind of cat fish. If you would like to try your hands on feeding the fish, you can purchase the pellets for RM1/packet. The moment the pellets were thrown in, a swarm of fish will surface from the water and fight for the food.

Tevapie Fish (非州鱼) – RM25, another name of this fish is called African Fish. The fish was first deep fried, then covered with hot, spicy and sour sauce. It was then finished with some slices spring onion on top. The texture of the fish tasted like deep fried black pomfret fish. Another added point for this dish is that the fish itself didn’t cover with any muddy sense even it is a fresh water fish.

Patin Fish (巴丁鱼) – RM23, it was also deep fried and then cooked with black pepper and soy sauce. The taste of the fish was acceptable but the sauce was a bit on the spicy side due to the overwhelming taste of the black pepper.

Bom Fish (白须公鱼) – RM42, the highlight of this place is this fish. The name of the fish is so unique and funny as it is called bom fish. It sounds like you are going to get blown off once you tasted this fish. However, instead of getting blown off, it was a pleasant experience. The fish meat melted in your mouth as the fish was covered with soft jelly and some oil. The texture was smooth and tasty. It was cooked with soy sauce and some chopped ginger and garlic as seasoning. The is one of my favorite dishes.

Ostrich Meat – RM20, for those whose stomach still have room for other dishes, you can order some other dishes as well. At Kamunting Lake View Restaurant, they serve Ostrich meat too. The meat was sliced into pieces. It was then cooked with homemade black pepper sauce. The texture of the meat was a bit chewy compared to chicken meat. However, overall it tasted great.

Fried Cabbage – RM8, after tasted so much meat, it’s time for some greens to balance out our meal. One good option is fried cabbage. This dish was prepared with slices of cabbage with some minced meat and then pan fried to perfection. The taste of this dish was covered with pan fried aroma. It was nicely prepared.

Fried Bean Sprout – RM8, pan fried bean sprout is another option for those that don’t like cabbage. The way of cooking was a bit different from fried cabbage. It was more dried compared to cabbage. However, the taste was also very good.

Overall, the place here is worth to visit even it is located at remote area. The ambiance here is very peaceful and relaxing. The price of the food is very reasonable. Also the taste of the fish didn’t covered with muddy smell which is a plus point for those who are afraid of the smell.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Close on Wednesday)
Contact: 04-405 6046
Address: Plot 1635, Jalan Simen, Kampung Kamunting, Dusun Karangan, 09700 Kulim, Kedah.
GPS: 5° 40′ 47.43″ N, 100° 66′ 85.29″ E


3 thoughts on “Kamunting Lake View Restaurant – Enjoying The Great View with Good Food”

  1. 4 starts for taste? I really cannot believe that, my friends and colleagues also thinks something is wrong. The food from this place has been bad since day one, the only thing is the floating platform that is interesting … I have been there 3 times. 1st time because it is a new place for me, the fried deer-meat was really bad, other dishes are all average or below average. 2nd time there because other friends wanna see the place, the fried wild-boar was as bad as the deer meat, 80% not eaten by us, and all other things are average or below average … and my 3rd visit there because other friends wanna go there was the same, thumbs down. I swear I will not go there again.

  2. Hi Dan, I am sorry about your bad experience there before. I was there for 2 times. First time, I was there and ordered the pan-fried deer meat, the taste of pepper is a bit over whelming but the taste is good and delightful. We finished all the deer meat. The second time, we ordered the ostrich meat it is good also. My sister and my nephew some more add rice. As for the deep fried patin, the fish is added too much of pepper and we also unable to finish the whole fish. However, the steam bom fish (pak sou kong) is the signature dish. We clear the whole fish without any piece of meat. I will be going back again next 2 week time

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