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“Wei, my boss buy me buffet lunch at Kampachi ah!”. When someone said this, the next reaction from the crowd will be “WAH!!!”. This type of response has been going on for decades. I remember when I first started working since day one, the name “Kampachi” had been around and it has been known as an exclusive place to dine at.

Until today, Kampachi is still known for its vast variety of Japanese food. Be it at the sushi bar, the teppanyaki counter and also the weekend buffet. Kampachi is located at Lower Ground of Hotel Equatorial in Bayan Lepas.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will find that the decoration is a very traditional Japanese style. The main common dining area can cater for more than 10 tables.

Besides the main dining area, there are also 3 private rooms available at the side way. 2 of the rooms are decorated with tatami seating.

While the other room will be the normal table and chairs seating.

Upon entering the main entrance of the restaurant, the first thing that appears is the dessert. There are varieties of dessert that make your mouth watering.

The soft creamy chocolate cake is one of the delicious desserts.

Another delicious dessert that must be tried is the tiramisu cake. The texture of the cake was so soft and juicy and it really melted in your mouth.

Another great dessert is the green tea cake. The cake was full of green tea flavor that made the cake not too rich but appetizing.

Below shows the chocolate cake with fresh cream and red bean as topping. This cake is specially dedicated to those that can’t get enough after the whole dinner session.

Besides the above there are plenty of cakes and desserts available at this dessert corner.

Just beside the main hall, there is a long stretch of main dishes available for you to choose from. Among them is Teriyaki Chicken.

As for the grilled fish, the aroma of the fish was good. It was grilled with a bit of salt. The fish tasted very fresh and delicious.

Besidse grilled fish, there are also baked and steamed fish. The fish fillets were cooked with scallion and carrot slices. This dish was plain yet nice.

Just beside the main dining section, there is a sashimi section. At this counter, the chef was preparing all the delighful sashimi and sushi dishes.

The salmon sashimi list is always finished even the chef had just topped up a second ago.

Other than the demanding salmon sashimi, the salmon sushi is also selling like hot cake. However, it is not as overwhelming as the salmon sashimi. It could be due to the rice that makes this dish filling.

The tuna sushi is also very nice. However, this is not my cup of tea. This is because I prefer the soft and smooth texture of salmon compared to tuna.

Opposite the sashimi section are the tepanyaki and tempura corners.

They have pan fried oyster at the teppanyaki corner.

And also the mouth-watering tepanyaki beef.

The chef of this tepanyaki counter was arranging the dishes with neat and tidiness.

The tempura corner comes with all sorts of flavor.

The tempura yam.

Tempura prawn and sweet potato.

Japanese style mixed vegetable soup.

Japanese style pizza. Very delicious and appetizing.

The great ending of the buffet would be the chilling ice cream. From vanilla, chocolate, strawberry to chocolate chips and green tea flavours. All these are very great ice cream, however, I still prefer green tea ice cream.

The ice cream topping corner.

Besides all these, there is another corner that serves a few varieties of food like Japanese cold noodle and sukiyaki.

They have doreyaki pan cake as well. For normal guests, the pan cake that you will get is as below.

However, if you have read my post before you can always ask the chef to do you a special type of pan cake. Instead of Doreyaki which is the pan cake that taken by Doremon, it is Mikiyaki which looks like Mickey Mouse.

The making of Mikiyaki is simple. At first the chef made 2 small round patches then a big round patch at the hot plate.

Waited for 1 minutes for it to expand and cook.

After both sides were completely cooked, it was burnt with a mark.

The name of the mark is “Kampachi”.

Besides Mikiyaki, the chef also gave me a “love letter”, which is similar to Chinese cookie name “Kuih Kapek”.

Overall, the taste of the food here are all up to par. The staff are very friendly and the ambiance here is very cozy. The pricing for the buffet here with this kind of service, taste and ambiance is considered very reasonable. Each pax is RM65++ for weekend. There are plentiful of parking lots available at the lower ground car park.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 12.00 pm – 2.30 pm; 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm (Bar is open at 5.30 pm)(Open Daily)
Contact: 04-643 8111
Address: 1 Jalan Bukit Jambul 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
GPS: 5° 20′ 23.50″ N, 100° 17′ 06.00″ E

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  1. NOW the reaction from the crowd will be “WAH!…..you still dare to take Japanese food?”

  2. The food looks delicious. Had a chicken teriyaki set in Kampachi for RM36 under my previous company’s expenses. However, I cannot say that it’s expensive coz the portion’s definitely double-up compared to other Jap restaurants. Will give the buffet a try one day.

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