James Foo Western Food, Tanjung Tokong – The Reason To Be Famous

Normally, blogging about famous places or popular restaurants is not my style as I feel that those restaurants or eat out place are well covered and sometime might just be too over rated. However, there are always an exceptional. If that place is so famous and well known by so many people, surely that place is really good with something. Either the price of the food is very reasonable or the taste of the food there is very good.

The post this round is the restaurant that known to most of the Penangites and also a lot of foreign visitors as this place here had been operate for the business for very long time that more than 5 years, James Foo’s building was still not exist by the day one of business and the owner is still running the business in the coffee shop. James Foo’s building only completed recently about 2 years back. This place is so famous, during dinner time this place is crowded with long queue. For those that looking for a crowd hassle free moment at this place, you need to be here before 7:30pm or after 9:00pm

The location of James Foo restaurant is not very hard to find. Even you ask a 9 years old kid, he can also guide you there. In brief, if you are driving through Jalan Mount Erskine from Pulau Tikus to Tanjung Tokong you will surely come to a traffic junction where an Indian temple is on your left and a Chinese temple is in your right. Instead of going straight, take a right turn, this will bring you to Fettes Park. After 50 meters of turning, you will see a 3 stores building on your left and that is the James Food Western Food Restaurant.

The whole outlet is air conditioned and there are more than 30 tables ready to be served.

Although, the place is fulled of tables but this place is always packed no matter sunshine or rainy days.

Chicken Gorden Blue – RM11.00, the chicken meat is ponder and rolled up and stuffed with cheese and ham slices inside. The whole meat is then roll with batter and it is deep fried until crispy and crunchy. Serving together with the meal will be the steamed bun, fries, green peas, veggie and some salad.

This is one of the signature dishes here. The texture of the outer layer which is the chicken breast meat is a bit firm, while the inner part is filled with hot and creamy cheese combine with slices of ham. It is then coated with the batter that combined with multiple types of texture sensation, from soft to firm, from creamy to crunchy  These make the this signature dish so popular.

Stuffed Fish – RM11.00, the cheese ham is topped with fish fillet, it is then battered and deep fried until perfection, with the home made brown sauce that top the stuffed fish, serving together with green pea, fries, steamed bun and veggie.

The stuffed fish is also another one of the hot cakes here. The food texture also almost the same as chicken gorden blue. The only different between these two dishes are the home made brown sauce that topped the fish which is very aromatic filled with herbs as well as very thick. At the same time the cut of the fish is not too thick and yet taste fresh.

Chicken Chop – RM8.50, the batter chicken thigh is deep fried, it is then covered with tomato based oriental style chicken chop sauce. The sauce is filled with carrot cubes and onion slices. Again, it is served with fries, green pea, hot bun and veggie.

Chicken chop here had always been the popular and affordable demand. The quality of the food has consistency maintained seen day one. The dish has never been appeared in the list of menu in Western Countries. Only in Asia we can find this dish in the western restaurant menu. However, the sourish of the sauce combine with the crunchiness of the battered chicken thigh makes the dish appetizing and delicious.

Ambra Plum Juice – RM3.80, for those that love the sweet and sourish drink, ambra plum is the selection. The ambra here is very thick and with the combination of sour plum, the taste of the drink is sweet, sourish and slight saltiness.

Apple Juice (Jumbo) – RM7.00, jumbo is the large size of the fruit juice served here. The price of the juice is almost double but the portion given is also doubled too. The taste of the apple juice here is just the usual type of apple juice.

The size of both normal and jumbo comparison together with the standard ketchup sauce.

Overall, the taste of the food here is acceptable and had maintained the standard seens day one. The price of the food is slightly on the high side. Despite the high volume crowds the serving of the food is still very fast. This place will usually have long queue during the weekend dinner time. There are some parking lots available beside the premise. However, the parking lots are always not enough.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Alcohol (beer)
Credit Card
Smoking (outsite)
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 5:00pm – 11:30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-899 3671
Address:21-A, Jalan Fettes, Fettes Park 11200 Penang.
GPS: 5° 45′ 26.85″ N, 100° 30′ 25.67″ E


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  1. The food looks appetising but then all are deepfried which is not good for health conscious people. I hope they change the oil for deepfrying often and do not overuse it. But then the price of the food is cheap & does not warrant it. Recommend Ahmo restaurant as their food is mostly grilled and the price is fair but portion is not big.

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