Hakka Village and Pacific West – The Fun and Prosperity Toss Lunch

The invitation to Hakka Village, Balik Pulau with the co-host of Pacific West was a fun and interesting event. Pacific West is no longer a new name in the natural frozen food industry as it had touched the lives of millions of consumers across the globe. Based on their mission and vision towards Convenience, Innovation and Quality, their wide range of seafood products, developed and designed by their team of culinary chefs and food technologists, life could not be any easier to manage in any household or even international events.

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Serving a wholesome seafood dish for your family and friends is NEVER A HASSLE with Pacific West”, exclaimed Pacific West Director, Mr. Saw Lip Teik. It was indeed a new experience to savor various Chinese New Year cuisine with a bit of twist from the creations of Pacific West Development Chef, Chef Leong Main Choy. Amongst the special guests invited were Mr. Saw Hai Earn – Golden Fresh CEO, Maggie Fong (Hakka Village owner), Julia Volchkova (a Siberian-born artist who had left her ultra realistic portraitures on the walls of George Town and Balik Pulau), dignitaries, media and bloggers.


Before the lunchon started, there were varieties of canapés prepared by Chef Garry Edson:

  • Hummus on Pitta Bread with Pacific West Tempura Calamari Ring
  • Petit Ratatouille Corn Tortilla with Pacific West Popcorn Fish
  • Puff Pastry filled with Mushroom
  • Egg Pate served with Pacific West Wiggy Cornflake Fish
  • Tomato Salsa on spoons with Pacific West Dusted Baby Squid

The canapés were appetizing and delightful.

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After savouring the delicious canapés, Miss Maggie Fong brought us to explore the beauty of Hakka Village.


There was even a competition of Yee Sang Decoration.


One of the contestant teams’ product.


The winning team, of course was our bloggers team. Photo credit of Criz Lai @ crizfood.com


Of course, all the decoration during the competition are far to be compared with the creation from Chef Leong. The serving of Yee Sang during Chinese New Year symbolises prosperity, wealth and happiness.

pacific_west_hakka_village16 pacific_west_hakka_village17

The lunchon was kicked off by the tossing of Yee Sang.


The higher the toss, the better it will be for this coming year.


Crab Meat Lettuce Cups with Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squid – Salt & Pepper Squid on top of stir fried Crab Meat and Vegetables served with Lettuce Cup.


A simple and easy dish to prepare, yet very tasty. Slightly peppery but not too overwhelming. It was a very nice dish.


Golden Nestum Pacific West Tempura Prawns – Tempura Prawn coated with Spicy Battered Salted Egg Sauce and sprinkled with crispy Nestum.


The taste of the prawns were so fresh and when coated with nestum, the nice aroma of nestum really boosted up the flavour of the prawns.


Nyonya Style Pacific West Tempura Fish Cocktails – Tempura Fish Cocktail in Homemade Nyonya Style Sauce.


This was a very appetizing dish. The sourish homemade nonya sauce really made me want to have more of those fish fillets.


Kung Pao Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squids – Salt & Pepper Squid in Kung Pao Style served with Crispy Yam Ring.


Usually squids are not my cup of tea. However, for this dish the peppery and sourish sauce managed to make the squids very tasty and appetising.


Other than the showcase of Pacific West products, Hakka Village also took this opportunity to show off their traditional Hakka dishes to impress the guests.

Hakka Abacus Beads (算盘子) – This dish is made of flour, minced meat, and some seaweeds.


Slight salty but the taste was very additive, which made me go for more of it.


Stir Fried Broccoli – The broccoli was stir fried with carrot, green beans, and baby corns.


This is very traditional and simple dish, yet it satisfied the taste bud of most of the guests on that day.


Hakka Plum Sauce Duck – roast duck served with Hakka plum sauce.


The crispy duck skin and the tender duck meat made the perfect match. Served together with Hakka palm sauce, this dish was simply irresistable.


Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken – The chicken was salted and added with some wine then baked to perfection.


The taste of the chicken was nice, but roast duck still wins in my personal opinion.


Hakka Lei Cha – A Hakka specialty. Served with rice, beans, nuts and veggie and covered with hot Hakka tea.


This is a unique type of Hakka Lei Cha. The taste of the tea here is different as it is not very bitter and with an additional aromatic green fragrance.


To get more of Pacific West products, they are available at all major and independent retail outlets in Malaysia (namely ColdStorage, Sam’s Groceria, AEON, AEON Big, Tesco, Giant, Sunshine, Village Grocer and etc). For more information, please contact Pacific West care line at 1800 88 389 or log on to official website and Facebook page

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