Dine Healthily and Deliciously @ Young Heart, Pulau Tikus

All the while Penangites give other people the impression as picky eaters and always complain about food of other states. One very good example is on a recent post by BB Community about his friends from Penang who went to KL and commented how horrible were the food there.

Therefore if a Penangite recommended a place for food, it would be worth to try out. Recently I was invited by CK Lam for the Penang Floggers review at Young Heart Restaurant. We were honored to be welcomed by the owner of Miss. Ann Kee who is a very friendly and cheerful person. 

This place serves healthy food at a quiet and peaceful ambience. It is very suitable for couples and also small families. There are just too many photos taken and that’s why I am borrowing idea from Criz Lai’s website to change these pictures into animation.

Starter Dishes:

  • Veggie rolls:
    • Salmon Vege Roll – RM7.60
    • Crab Stick Vege Roll – RM6.60
    • Egg Vege Roll – RM6.60
  • Lotus Root with Sugar & Vinegar – RM3.00
  • Hot & Sour Soup – RM5.00 /bowl (served two)

The banquet started with veggie rolls. The way the veggie rolls presented were very similar to South Vietnamese-style Summer Rolls. They were wrapped in translucent rice paper with a lot of raw vegetable and meat, and could be dipped in home-made sauces. There were 3 types of home made sauces such as Japanese Style, Thai Style and Japanese Style. I will describe in more details later in this post.

Other than veggie rolls, the lotus root with sugar & vinegar was served as one of the starters too. The lotus root was soaked with apple cider and sugar. The combination of both sweet and the sour really boosted up the appetite.

If you prefer the starter to be in soupy style, the soup that you must order is the Sichuan hot & sour soup. What made it so special were the ingredients which consisted of 3 types of vinegars – the white vinegar, black vinegar and apple cider. The vinegars used were exclusive type which you will not be able to taste it out from the soup. 

Chinese New Year Special Edition Dishes

  • Snake Squash with Pork – RM11.80
  • Prosperous Year in Malaysia – RM6.80
  • Fried Prawn & Garlic – RM18.80
  • Stir Fried Mix Vege & Mushroom – RM16.80
  • Sponge Gourd with Pork – RM13.80
  • Steam Cod & Bean Curd – RM29.80

The snake squash with pork was cooked with snake squash which were cut into cube form and stuffed with minced pork. The snake squashes were imported from India in which the size were gigantic compared to the one which were grown locally.
Prosperous Year in Malaysia – the fried chicken that was cooked together with lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves which brought out the aroma of the local style.

Fried prawn & garlic was a tasty dish for people who prefer slightly salty dish. The flour that was used to cook the prawns were blended with garlic and salt which made it unique compared to the usual fried prawns from other restaurants.
Stir-Fry Mixed Vege & Mushroom, the elegant and traditional way of cooking. The mixture of cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and carrot were cooked with Chinese wine over extreme fire hence making this dish very tasty.  

Sponge Gourd with Pork, a healthy food cooked with Chinese median “Dong Gui”. This dish is meant for Chinese median lovers, if you can’t stand the smell or the heat after consuming my advice to you is to choose other options. It is best served during rainy season as “Dong Gui” really warms up the body. 

For my own favorite, I prefer Steam Cod & Bean Curd, not just because this dish is expensive, but it was the freshness of the fish and also the smoothness of the meat that attracted my tastebud. 

Delight and Finger food:

  • Golden Scallop Dumpling – RM18.80
  • Prawn & Leeks Goutie – RM9.60
  • Cheese & Chicken Gaotie – RM10.80
  • Fried Bean Curd – RM4.80

Instead of preparing the delight food in conventional way, this restaurant served finger food in creative ways. Golden Scallop Dumpling, the skin had a mixture of carrot and flour while the inner part was a mixture of minced meat and scallops.
Prawn & Leeks Goutie, the prawn and minced meat were blended together as a filling for the wantan. The smell of the Goutie was like barbecue meat, very tempting. Another great taste of the Goutie was the Cheese & Chicken Gaotie. This was made specially for the cheese lovers .
The Fried Bean Curd was extremely tasty as they were home made and the inner part had a mixture of  many ingredients.

 Noodle Corner

  • Black Jelly Mushroom Fried Noodle – RM8.80
  • Shredded Pork Noodle – RM7.50
  • Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodle – RM7.50

For all the noodles tasted, Black Jelly Mushroom Fried Noodle is my choice. This particular noodle was cooked purely in vegetarian style. Normally the taste of vegetarian food are not as complete due to lack off meat. However, this theory does not apply to this noodle. The enjoyment of the noodle with the mixed vege and black jelly mushroom were just excellent. This place will be in my main list during the period of “Nine God Emperor” Festival.
Shredded Pork Noodle was cooked with minced meat with no added preservatives or MSG.
Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodleis was also cooked in Sichuan style. It was a combination of hot and spicy minced meat, julienned raw carrot and spring onions. My personal advice, make sure you can stand spicy food before ordering this. 

Seasoning and Sauces:

  • Sauces
    • Japanese Style
    • Thai Style
    • Chinese Style
  • Seasoning
    • Ginger with Vinegar
    • Fried Onion
    • Chili Oil

There are 3 types of sauce and seasoning to choose from. These go very well with the veggie roll and also fried bean curd (details below). The Japanese Style had a light fish seasoning taste, while Thai style was actually Thai chili sauce. As for my personal selection, the Chinese style really kicked my day off as part of the ingredient was bird’s eye chili. Great for spicy lovers.


  • Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera – RM4.00 (+ Aloe Vera RM2)
  • Chamomile & Chrysant – RM4.50

After the excitement on varieties of food, a good way to cool down is with some nice drinks. There were two unique combination of beverages, Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera and sweetened Chamomile & Chrysanthemum Tea. The Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera was lovely as it had jelly-like Aloe Vera cubes in it. As for Chamomile & Chrysanthemum, Chamomile is believed to be good for our body’s digestion as well as fighting against fatigue and insomnia. Chrysanthemum has the medicinal value of fighting against flu-related viruses.

The place Young Heart was named after a plant with the shape of a heart. This is also a symbolic representation of the food here which are cooked with heart. Each of the ingredient used is also carefully picked as “eating healthy” remains their priority. I hope they keep up with the good job on the overall food, service and ambiance.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 10pm (Close On Monday)
Contact:04-228 8084 / 016410 8098 (Miss Ann Kee)
Address:No 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Georgetown Penang.
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Attended Floggers:
Steven Gohof Steven Goh dot com
Criz Laiof Criz Bon Appetite
CK Lam of What2See Online
Tam Chiak & Huat Koayof PenangTuaPui
Allen Ooi of Yummy Station
Gill & Jason of Gourmet Garden
Carrieof Cariso Delicacies Corner
Mary of Food Paradise
Allie of Heavenly Allie
Bee of Buzzing Life

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  1. That was the best Penang “Jokers” gathering ever… Haha. It was fun and such a havoc as Allie had mentioned. It really showed that the Penang floggers are a bunch of friendly and happy-go-lucky group of people. Those photos taken by Jason were hilarious too. I hope to have more of this gathering soon.. haha.

    By the way, I think your server is too slow to support the GIF files, although the files were small. The animated photos are taking too long to load.


  2. Oh all the foods look delicious huh! So fast you all have a food blogger gathering in Penang already, good good! So far I didn’t see any gathering in KL yet hehe!

    Do you mind if we do a link exchange? 🙂

  3. Wah looks like you all are having a small party there. A session without laughter are like sitting in a meeting room. So tension.

    All foods look delicious. Must find one day after CNY pay them a visit for family dinner.

  4. Alamak, this shop is like 100m away from my house but I never have the chance to dine there…

    Should give it try since the rating is pretty high here

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