Fresh Prawn Steamboat @ Golden Gate Steamboat, Cantonment Road

Talking about steamboat there are many around in Penang. However, talking about the taste  and freshness of the raw ingredients, I believe no other restaurants can beat Golden Gate Steamboat.

If you are driving via Gurney Drive from Georgetown, you will soon pass by Gurney Hotel and Evergreen Hotel. Once you see Martini Pub on your left, turn left to Cantonment Road. Keep driving for another 50 meters and you will see Golden Gate Steamboat on your right.

The main entrance to Golden Gate, in fact it is written in Chinese.

The main dining area for those that come in early.

If the main dining area is full, you will find that there are more rooms further inside.

There is an aquarium tank in front of the main hall, where you will see many prawns swimming inside.

All those fresh prawns are waiting to be served to your plate freshly.

The starter, stuffed fried poh piah with Lea and Perrins Sauce.

There are even packages available for the steamboat dinner.

For 2 Person – RM20.00
For Happy Family (6 – 8 persons) – RM60.00
For Deluxe (8 – 10 persons) – RM92.00
Fish Head Steamboat – RM40.00

The following pictures are from the Deluxe package.

The usual veggie provided in most steamboat restaurants.

The highlight of Golden Gate Steamboat restaurant is on the fresh prawns which are fresh from the fish tank in the restaurant itself. The meat was sweet and fresh.

The essential ingredients for every steamboat – meat balls and bird eggs.

The homemade shrimp dumpling “水饺” were delicious as well.

Other than the fresh prawns, the fish slices is also one of the recommended dishes. The fish slices were as thin as piece of paper. Besides the fish slices, there are also fish bladder, cellophane noodles and also green spinach noodle.

There is also a plate of squids available.

Pork slices have been cut into very thick slices and they tasted similar to beef. Compare to the pork slices at E.T Steamboat, this is much better as there is no heavy pork smell.

Other than the usual dishes shown on top there is also a very unique dish that I wanted to introduce, which is stuffed mushroom with mince meat. The taste was very nice as it combines the chewiness of the mushroom and also the tenderness of the minced meat.

The preparation of steamboat is very straight forward. Place all the ingredients that you want to eat into the hot steamboat pot and wait for it to boil. After another 2 minutes, the food is ready to be served.

Overall, the raw materials are fresh, especially the prawns and it is not expensive. Of course if compared to BBQ steamboat the price may not be as attractive but it is definitely more healthy for this type of steamboat. The only drawback is the parking space here is not that enough.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 6:00pm – 10:30pm (Close on Monday)
Contact: 04-226 1361
Address:77, Cantonment Road, Malaysia 10250.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Prawn Steamboat @ Golden Gate Steamboat, Cantonment Road”

  1. When I read RM20/pax, I thought it expansive for Penang price. But after seeing all the stuff they give, I say it is reasonable.
    But when we go Penang, it is still hawker food, we would be hunting for. Mad, isn’t it?

  2. This is one of my favorite steamboat restaurants in Penang but I haven’t been there for a loooong time. Glad to know that they still maintain their standard. 🙂

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