Celebrate Mother’s Day @ Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Penang

It was a great day last weekend as it was Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Therefore, I wish all the mothers around a very Happy Mother’s Day. I remember when I asked my mom where did she want to go for dinner on that day, she told me we can just eat at home as long as you have the heart we can go to eat anytime. She does have the point as we don’t have to pack with the crowd just to get a good meal. Moreover, showing your love should not be done on special occasions only, in fact we should practise every day from the bottom of our heart.

Despite that, I insisted to go for a good meal on that day. I remember I received an email from someone saying about moms eat for free. At first I though it was a hoax, until I called up the restaurant to clarify that it was for real.

The place that made such a great promotion is Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Mall.

“We love mommies, so moms dine for FREE”, all the mum will get a complementary main course, soup of the day and ice lemon tea. I wonder what will happen if there are more than one mom in a table, will they make money?

Below is the history of The Manhattan Fish Market. I only managed to capture the picture but haven’t read through. If you need the article ping me, I will read them if they are “The history about Jelutong Bansan (means wet market in Hokkien)”.

Luckily I made a booking for our lunch earlier as the restaurant was full on that day.

In fact, even outside of the restaurant was also almost full.

The surrounding looks like a high class market place overseas.

The counter to buy your fish.

Fish market serving now, please wait to be seated.

Their slogan “Delighting your tastebuds with a sea of the freshest catch”.

The seasoning provided, mayonnaise, garlic and chili sauce with garlic flavor.

Orange Juice – RM6.90, the price is slightly higher than usual places, some more the juice is not freshly squeezed, instead it tasted like orange cordial. I rather buy 5 oranges and squeeze them myself.

Gentlemen start your fire. If you ordered seafood platter, you will get the chance to see the crew that torch up the food just in front of you.

The torch is to heat and melt down the cheese on top of the shrimps, while the rest of the dishes will remain un-burnt.

Grilled Gala Platter for Two – RM46.90. Perfectly grilled shrimp, fish, calamari rings and mussels served on a bed of chips and garlic rice. As what you can see on the picture, the portion is actually for more than 2 persons. If you are just an average eater, 4 pax would be more ideal to share this platter.

Cheesy shrimp, delicious and filled with rich cheese. The shrimps are fresh and portion is acceptable. The aroma of the shrimps with the cheese is so strong and tempting after being torched.

Grilled fish, is served together with their home mixed mustard, the fish tasted fresh and is covered with crunchy outter layer.

Next will be the mussel which is also covered with flour and deep fried. The taste of it is very unique and nice as if you didn’t read the menu you will not know that it is a mussel.

The calamari ring that doesn’t taste like squid as well. Most probably due to it was soft on the inside inside and crunchy on the outside and it makes people mistaken it as as something else.

Mediterranean Baked Fish Set with soup of the day and ice lemon tea – FREE complementary meal in conjunction of Mother’s Day. The bake fish tasted a bit like Thai style steam fish. There isn’t much feeling of Mediterranean , instead the hot and spiciness made this dish a signature Thai dish instead.

Ice lemon tea.

The creamy mushroom soup that came together with the set as well. The soup had a very smooth and milky texture and it was very delicious.

Overall, the food are big in portion and value for money. The dishes are fresh and the taste is up to standard. The killing point is the price of the beverages. If they are charging so much for the drinks, they might want to consider free-flow for the soft drinks.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-646 1620
Address:Lower Ground, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

12 thoughts on “Celebrate Mother’s Day @ Manhattan Fish Market, Queensbay Penang”

  1. Hi MFM, how come I didn’t see any clause at the menu over the free flow :(. Btw, you are very efficient. It is just after minutes from my post you had already commented. Cool

  2. Hi Steven! It is because when we printed the menu the last time, free flow was not part of the plan. But after that we decided to go bottomless 😀 haha, thanks to Google! don’t forget to join our FB Fan Page!

  3. Hubby and I went there last week, on one weekday. Ordered the platter for 2 also. Too bad that the prawns were not so fresh, and small in size too. Can’t manage to finish the food.

  4. I understand your mum feelings. Yes…. sometime when there are big occassion to celebrate, there are always the big crowd. For me, I rather hubby home cooked for me too! ^-^ “Happy Belated Mother’s Day” to your mum!

  5. Little inbox, I do agree that the prawn is not as fresh. However, the rest still up to par. I love the fried mussel and the baked fish.

    happy happy, thanks for the complement.

    Mary, happy mother’s day to you too. You are a lovely mom

  6. hi Steven,
    impressed with ur blog, full of useful information. thx.
    especially the differences of Durian @ Ah Joo stall, Teluk Kumpar.
    after reading it, whole group of my friends are interested to visit the stall. You mentioned in ur blog that it would be better to make appointment / reservation if we go in a group, i’m trying to locate the contact no. of Ah Joo but i couldn’t found any.

    Do you or anyone of you have the contact no.??

    thx for ur kind help & look forward to explore ur latest blog news! : )


  7. Hi Mike, thanks for the support. The information of the contact is at below of the post, you can tell the boss Ah Joo that introduced by Steven Goh, he will gives special rate one. However, this round, durian is not much and the quality dropped due to the weather :(. Anyway, the information as below:
    Operation hours: 10am -12 pm (7 days a week)
    Contact: 017-4222248 (Father, Ah Joo) / 012-4531812 (Kelly, For Delivery)
    Address: 1238, Jalan Bayan Lepas, Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Penang.

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