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First of all, I need to apologise to all my readers as there had been a while since I updated my blog. Anyway, this is another post that will require your endless scrolling effort.

This is the trip to French Village and Japanese Tea Garden in Bukit Tinggi. Bukit Tinggi is now also known as Berjaya Hills Resort. The entrance to this hill resort is located at the middle of Kuala Lumpur-Kuantan highway.

Actually the air at Bukit Tinggi is not that cool compared to Genting Highlands. However, the surroundings make you feel just like in overseas and some of the views are exectly like the one we saw in RPG gaming world. Below are the views at French Village and Japanese Garden. 

Path and walkway as if you are in Venice.

This spring fountain looks like HP replenish fountain in the RPG gaming.

Energy charging shop in RPG gaming, where you can get Lavender Spa.

Gazania, the logo which looks like the place for you to “save” your game journey.

Another view at the French Village.

This is the place where we refilled our strength level.

The “SET MENU” in this restaurant is shown as below. Check out the pricing which was quite reasonable. By the way, we didn’t really like the service from this cafe. After we had gone through the list on the menu, most of us decided on “set 5” which included Chicken in Pita Bread, Dessert and Frostee. However, the waiter told us that there was no set 5, therefore, we asked him if this was only available in certain period and to our surprise he told us that they had “no. 5” and not “set 5”. OMG, was there any difference? If yes why did they name their menu as “SET MENU”? This was not the end of story yet. We sat there waited for more than 15 minutes but still were not being served with any drinks which were inclusive in our set lunch. We then asked for our drinks and they gave us a surprise look as if we have made an unsual request and served us unwillingly. There was this waitress who served us food also had some attitude problem. She served our food with a very bad dark face, just like she just had a quarrel with her boyfriend. Very unprofessional indeed.

This was the chicken pita bread that we have ordered. The pita bread was very crunchy and the meat was very juicy too. It was indeed a very healthy meal as they used chicken breast meat as the filling. The food and service were highly in contrast.

A usual and normal butter cake which was our dessert.

The armour and defending gear for the RPG battle, displayed at the hotel lobby.

Additional gun powder if you need assistance when fighting with monster.

Weapon and iron vest that will raise your skill.

Typical victorian style bulb.

The performers on the stage outside our hotel, luckily this was not a real RPG game. If not I am going to take the sword and cut the “GAY” monster off. YUCKS!!

Our 2-bedroom apartment suite at Colmar Tropicale located inside the French Village. A place to rest and recharge.

Swimming pool viewed from outside our room.

The carving of the lift door looks like Nando’s design.

Tour De L’ Horloge Clock Tower. I am not sure what is that mean, I just know is a hanging clock tower.

Whenever finishing the battle with monster, this is the view where the warriors enter the village.

The castle bridge.

In the game, there are supposed to be crocodiles down under the castle bridge, unfortunately there were only swans and little kids.

The view of the garden infront of the village.

The grand castle.

The trip on an open air bus to Japanese garden. Anyway, our fresh air was contaminated by the black and smokey air released by the previous bus!

Arriving at another village, the Japanese Garden.

All the flowers here are imported from Japan.

Japanese Restaurant “RYO ZAN TEI”

The Koi fish pond infront of “RYO ZAN TEI”

Japanese Grass with flower

Japanese Banana

Japanese Chili, not sure if this is the main ingredient to make “Wasabi”

Japanese Pineapple Flower.

Japanese Kite.

Japanese Garden with the well

Japanese Zen Garden.

Tatami Spa

The fungus garden where Japanese considered that as artistic.

The Triangle which is very famous in Italy is on sales in the souvenir shop.

The rabbit garden with all the rabbits running freely.

The Rabbit and Me.

14 thoughts on “French & Japanese Lifestyle @ Bukit Tinggi”

  1. wao, so nice la.

    1. this post is another typical-stevengoh-style of article, a lot of nice images and the most important part, the “story line”
    2. the story line that combining imagination of RPG game with the real world, god damn it, very good idea!
    3. it also campur TRAVEL and FOOD together, where i’ll give extra stars to this post.
    4. err..yalo..i also want to kill the dancing gay monster~

  2. I have been to this place quite sometime ago. It has changed a lot…

    Anyway, such a nice pictures you have captured.

  3. Wow.. this is one nice blog which has everything in it…. adventure, sights/scenery, places and of course food.

    All the photos are great, the cutest one with you holding the rabbit… hahaha… are you by any chance born in the year of the rabbit?

  4. Hey Steven, it seem a very nice holiday you had there…. Is the hotel there expansive? I have not been there yet before and would love to go. What about the tour? Inclusive in the hotel package?

  5. Hi Cazzycazz, the overall trip I only spend RM300. Inclusive stay in the Hotel at Bukit Tinggi, breakfast at Ipoh, lunch at Bukit Tinggi and Dinner at Kaki Bukit. Not too bad. Anyway, my advise is the more the marrier. 5-6 persons book a suite is just nice and the accommodation is only RM70 per person.

  6. hey Steven, that is very affordable! Thank u so much sharing with me and i hope i can arrange a trip there with friends soon!

    Thanks and take care!

  7. Steven, should i say Guo Liang, thats the name i know you. Haha. I would say WOW!! Nice blog you have. ANyway, i wanna know if the hotels charges are expensive?How did you travel there?

  8. Paul, sorry I still can’t recall where I had met you. Can you help me with my memory lost? Btw, the travel there is quite cheap and one person only spend around RM400 for accommodation and food. We went there by driving.

  9. Hi, i wanna ask this theme park(French village) at where?
    can give me much more detail information about this then also an address. I got a lot of interest to this! thank a lot!

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