Fisherman Wharf Penang, Jelutong – A Place of Variety Food

Many people like the idea of getting all varieties of Penang food in a single place rather than going to multiple places for certain types of food. The latest food court in town has recently opened at Karpal Singh Drive called Fisherman’s Wharf which caters for both local and international delights.

The place is spacious and it can cater for more than 80 tables.

Both local and international stalls are within steps. You may want to check out the details below for more information:

Fried Mee Sua – RM5.50(S), RM7.50(B), the mee sua (Chinese noodle) was stir fried with egg, meat slices, bean sprouts and prawns. It had a strong wok aroma in it.

Hokkien Char/ Char Hor Fan with Roasted Pork – RM14.00/ 2 Pax

Oyster Noodle – RM6.50(S), RM8.50(B), the yellow noodle was stir fried with oysters and topped with meat slices and veggie. It was a nice and classic dish.

Pork and Pickled Veggie Tofu Soup – RM6.50(S), RM12.00(L), the pickled veggie soup was cooked with pork intestines and tofu, then served with aromatic yam rice. This dish was very appetizing.

Vinegar Pork Knuckle Soup – RM8.00(Small), RM15.00(Big), the pork knuckle was braised with dark vinegar, ginger and garlic. This is a mouth-watering traditional dish that we always have at home when we were little kids.

Bean Sprout Chicken – Price depending on the portion. The light taste of soy sauce with steamed chicken, bean sprouts and a bowl of rice made this a complete lunch.

Mr. 叻沙 Laksa – RM5.00(S), RM6.00(L) – The famous Penang assam laksa with soup cooked with tamarind, fish slices, curry flower and onions and served with shrimp paste.

Fried Poh Piah – RM1.50, crispy deep fried spring rolls that goes well with the laksa soup.

Koay Teow Th’ng – RM5.00, cooked with pork broth and served with minced pork, this koay teow thng is dedicated to people of all ages.

Duck Drumstick Mee Sua – RM7.50, soup that has been cooked with herbs and served with duck drumstick and mee sua tasted delicious and recharging.

Fish Head Noodle – RM6.50 (Fried Fish Fillet), RM8.50 (Fresh Fish Fillet) , RM6.50 (Fried Fish Head), RM6.00 (Mince Pork), the common type of noodle soup with fish fillet which is suitable for those seeking for a non spicy dish.

Hokkien Mee – RM5.00(S), RM5.50(B), the usual type of hokkien mee which is cooked with shrimps, pork broth and served with some dried shrimps and chili paste.

Mee Suah Kor – RM5.50(S), RM7.50(B), the mee suah kor is the traditional type of food similar to porridge but in the form of mee suah (noodle). The smell of the chopped garlic was so fragrant.

Hainanese Style Western Food – RM9.90, this is the Hainanese style chicken chop. Serving together with this dish was a slice of toast and mushroom soup, and the gravy was Hainanese style rather than tomato based. This is something worth trying.

Homemade Roasted Pork – RM15.00, crunchy skin with tender pork slices, this is a sinful indulgence.

Smoked Duck – RM15.00, the oriental style smoked duck which is one of my favorites.

There is also option for pasembur with prices as below:

  • Keropok Kacang, RM2.00       • Telur Rebus, RM1.00
  • Keropok Udang, RM4.00        • Sotong/Ayam Goreng, 價格依據大小
  • Cucur Sayur, RM1.00               • Fish Ball, RM1.00
  • Tauhu, RM1.00                          • Hotdog, RM1.00
  • Ubi Kentang, RM2.00              • Sayur (Senwang & Timun), RM2.00
  • Fish Cake, RM2.00                   • Hoke, RM3.00

Seafood Fried Koay Kak – RM10.00, fried koay kak is similar to fried koay teow, but instead of frying with koay teow (noodle), it is prepared with koay kak (rice cake), chai por (pickled veggie), bean sprouts and topped with varieties of seafood. This is one of the excellent dishes here.

Yaki Udon – RM9.00, Japanese style fried udon which was delicious and reasonably priced.

Kimchi Stew with Pork – RM9.00, the pork slices were served in Korean kimchi soup and was sourish, spicy and with a slight of sweetness. It was an exciting and appetizing food.

Curry Mee  – RM5.00(S), RM6.00(B), typical white curry mee served with nice chili paste and big prawns.

Butter Salmon Rice – RM14.00, the salmon was battered with butter and then deep fried, and served with rice and salad. It is another complete meal here.

Fried Dumpings – RM17, this is a Chinese style dumpling which were pan fried until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Braised Pork Ribs Noodle – RM10, the pork ribs were cut into cubes and served together with noodle and topped with sesame, the aroma of braised pork was strong and nice.

Raspberry Jelly – RM4.00, the raspberry flavoured jelly was a very refreshing and delightful dessert after a heavy meal.

Pandan Coconut Milk Jelly – RM2.00, this is like the improvised version of “kuih talam” (pandan based kuih topped with coconut milk.

Chendol – RM4, RM5 (with Ice Cream), the chendol tasted similar to those selling at other places and this was good.

Ice Kacang – RM4, RM5 (with Ice Cream), the ice kacang here was normal, the only thing that I like about it is the topping with ice cream.

Overall, the food here was good with many varieties to choose from, be it Penang local food or international cuisine such as Japanese, Korean and Western, just name the food and you will find the stall here. Parking is not an issue here as there is ample parking space for customers.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 2:00am (Open Daily)
Contact: 012-404 0265
Address: Jalan Perusahaan Jelutong, Penang.
GPS: 5.3908135,100.3107835

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