Divine Bulgarian Food in Penang @ Vintage Bulgaria, Tanjung Bungah

“Как си?” means “How Are You?” in Bulgarian. It is not easy to learn how to speak Bulgarian as there are many wordings and pronunciation that are not similar to English. However, to get Bulgarian food in Penang is much easier now since Vintage Bulgaria opened its doors.

Vintage Bulgaria is located in Tanjung Bungah’s hillside just beside the popular German’s Restaurant, Ingolf. The design of this place is very cottage-like and it gives you the country style feeling which is very cosy.

The surroundings of this restaurant is made of stones and wood. The lighting here is very dim, and it gives you the feeling of comfort and romantic. Therefore, this place is good for couple who wants to have some privacy but not for food blogger like me who likes to snap photos around.

The homemade Bulgarian fine stitch on the wall.

Country-style dining area.

Candlelight dinner for the romantic couple?

“Hi there can we have sex on the beach?” Now imagine if you are a guy and if you said like that to the waitress taking your order, you might probably get a big slap on your face. But at Vintage Bulgaria the waitress will smile at you and give you a glass of cocktail.

Sex on the beach – RM15. It has an orangey taste and is very refreshing. It is just like sea breeze blown over the face after having sex on the beach.

Tequilla Sunrise – RM15. Very strong strawberry taste and very sweet. It tasted like cough mixture and I personally dislike this drink.

House wine, LaBelle Reine 2007 – RM70 per bottle. The taste is not very fruity and it is just a regular red wine.

Cuppucino – RM9, freshly-brewed cuppucino. It has a very strong aroma of coffee, but the taste of the coffee is just average.

Being served with hot and soft bun under the cold air-conditioned dining area is such an enjoyment.

Platter Bulgaria for 1 – RM34. Bulgarian mixed grill trio of kebapche, kyofte, kamatche (vintage own traditional recipe of in-house homemade Bulgarian sausage) and succulent pork fillet. I personally love the pork fillet, it is really well marinated and juicy. Other than the pork fillet the meat ball is also very nice. It is indeed a complete and great taste of platter.

Poachati Butterfish – RM28, Freshwater fish cooked in a simmering liquid baked with mozzarella cheese served with garlic mayonnaise sauce. The butterfish is soft and tender it tastes great on a cover of mozzarella cheese. The potatoes are fresh and nice, when served with mayonnaise it is a great appetizer.

Baikan Style Pork Belly – RM30. Carefully marinated pork belly grilled until golden brown. Nicely baked barbecue type of pork belly is an excellent gourmet.

Balkan Grilled stuffed Salmon Fillet – RM32.00. Fresh salmon fillet stuffed with vegetables grilled finished with creamy cheese sauce. For salmon lovers this is a must try.

For those that love pub and bistro, you can enjoy your cup of beer at the bar counter at 2nd floor.

There is even a private room available at third floor.

Overall, the food here served are nice, and you can have “sex on the beach” here too. However, the drawback is on the service provided here. There are few times the waiter got our orders wrong and they were not very friendly. The rest are отличен (means “Excellent”).

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 12:000midnight (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-898 1890
Address:1E, Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang.

24 thoughts on “Divine Bulgarian Food in Penang @ Vintage Bulgaria, Tanjung Bungah”

  1. So, what’s the verdict? Can we have gathering there? But I personally feel that the food looks great!
    Sex on beach, real cool name!

  2. Haha! I like your take on ‘sex on the beach’ – “It is just like sea breeze blown over the face after having sex on the beach.”

  3. Hello again,
    I had a very hard laugh at your review of that Bulgarian place.
    Then a little closer look at the cocktails: not Bulgarian at all. Sex on the beach is an international one, maybe originally from the US, Tequila: from Mexico. The pic with the rolls was showing butter from Holland: “Echte Boter” meaning: real butter.
    I hope the food was ok.

  4. CK, I want to try other food there also.

    Allie, I have the feeling that we are going to makan there on the gathering. As for sex on the beach….eerrrr….

    Cheryl, I still remember my customer face when order that drink he was so happy and laughing all the while.

    Jay-P, this is the one that so called International Restaurant.

    Cariso, not sure woo… you can take salad leh

  5. lol! wah looks like you had nice cocktails ya… 🙂

    and the menu seems to have changed to include more varieties too, which is great news! cant wait for the gathering!

  6. not yet step my foot into this restaurant. hopefully i can join the gathering to have those bulgarian food. looks nice.

    is the place too dark? photos seem not really good. ask them to put more lighting la! LOL!

  7. Think this is the first time I’ve seen Bulgarian food. Interesting, would love to try it out some day. Haha, laughed out loud when I read about the way you order the sex on the beach. Haha! Good one!

  8. My friend was telling me about this place last 2 weeks. We just agree to have our next gathering here. From your post, can really tell that the food and ambience seem good!

  9. food-4tots, wah choc soup…. so rich ah. I eat already need to run 10 more rounds.

    My Taste Heaven, do remember to join us for the gathering at there too… btw, it seems like every one is chosing that place for gathering… why?

  10. wah u go survey the place first before we do gathering there ah? hehehe
    so your verdict is good? How does bulgarian food distinct itself from normal western food? Some special way of cooking?

  11. Wah! Can’t wait till the gathering. I think my choice will be Plovdiv Ribs (Tasty Pork ribs grilled till tender)

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