Special Home-made Laksa @ Wan Li, Sri Aman Seberang Prai

It has been a while since my friend introduced this place to me. My friend told me, “I am going to bring you to try out the laksa which is very different from the usual one we had at Penang Island”. I was thinking how different is the different? Is the laksa there tastes like wan tan mee? Just like the hokkien mee in KL and Penang? I was so doubtful but I did not say it out.

The journey took about 45 minutes from Penang Island. This shop is named as “Wan Li” and is located at Seberang Prai Selatan. If you are using Jalan Permatang Tinggi from Simpang Ampat to Nibong Tebal, you will sure pass by Kampung Valdor. Just after the traffic light junction you will see Pusat Giat Mara Polis on your left. Take the left turn after Pusat Giat Mara Polis. Keep driving for about 100 meters, watch out for the shop lot on your right. The 2nd shop on the row will be “Wan Li”.

Wan Li only focuses on few specialties, which are Laksa, Chendol and Rojak. Althought this place is located slightly far from the main road, the customers here are always packed especially on weekends. Some came as far as Kuala Lumpur to savour their unique dishes.

Wan Li is the business that has been passed down from generation to generation and has been operating for more than a dacade. They previously started their business at the old market place and recently they expanded their business to this new shop.

The price list of Wan Li is as below:

  • Laksa (normal) – RM2.50, (big) – RM3.00
  • Laksa Noodle – RM0.30/ pcs
  • Keropok/ Craker – RM0.45/ pcs
  • Kuah/ Soup – RM1.00/ packet
  • Cendol – RM1.30
  • Barli with Red Bean – RM1.10
  • Barli – RM0.80
  • Rojak – RM2.50, RM3.50, RM4.05, RM5.50

At first glance most of the ingredients are the same but if you observe closely, you will find out that the laksa is cooked with home-made laksa noodle and it included some keropok (crackers) in it.

The taste of sourness was just nice and the spiciness was not too over. It is best served while hot together with shrimp paste.

The home made laksa noodle was springy and very smooth. No wonder this place is packed during weekend.

The rojak here is also one of the attractions. The ingredients were fresh and the rojak paste was delicious and appetising.

After the hot and spicy laksa and the delicious rojak, a bowl of chendol is great to chill down your throat. The base was mixed with coconut milk and added with gula melaka (melaka’s sugar) syrup. It was not too sweet while the chendol still has the aroma of gula melaka.

Overall, the laksa in Penang Mainland is slightly different from Penang Island. Although it is unlike the huge difference of Penang Hokkien Mee and KL Hokkien Mee. Some of the laksa ingredients used  in Prai are not being used in Penang Island. All the 3 specialties here are great. It is a cool place for great food.

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Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Operation hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm (Sunday Off)
Contact: 012-429 1945/ 04-5829928
Address:No 6, Jalan Seri Amani, Pusat Perniagaan Seri Aman, 14200 Sungai Bakap S.P.S
email: wanli_laksa@yahoo.com
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11 thoughts on “Special Home-made Laksa @ Wan Li, Sri Aman Seberang Prai”

  1. 550ml, are you sure Russia got Laksa too?

    Allie, but the laksa is awesome, go there without laksa is like go to mc donald without ordering the burger and fries.

    Rebbecca, cepat cepat balik liao.

    Mary, when want to have rombongan?

  2. Steven, you wrote:
    “Allie, but the laksa is awesome, go there without laksa is like go to mc donald without ordering the burger and fries.”

    Right, I understand what you want to say but please, I do beg you: NEVER EVER use Penang food issues in the same sentence as McDo.
    It’s like mentioning great food and sh*t poo in the same phrase.
    “McDo should be renamed McSh*t.
    I hope that’s not only me, thinking like that.
    For the rest: keep up with your great food blog.

  3. Allen, don’t ask me to tapao… usually tapao liao the taste wont be as nice. Let’s rombongan and makan there together 🙂

    Jay-P, thanks for the support to Penang Food. I do agree with you that they should remain as McSh*t. However, the new generation now are so loving with McSh*t. is like the slogan always put “I’m loving it.”

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