De Title Dining Cabin, Lorong Selamat – A Custom Place For Romantic Couples

What is de title of today’s lunch? Well, it is De Title indeed.  The title of the restaurant itself is De Title. I might have confused you for so many titles, but the actual name of this place is “De Title Dining Cabin”. The reason of naming the restaurant as “De Title” is that this restaurant will serve you any dish that you name it. From Asian, Western, Mediterranean to even fusion cooking.

It is not too difficult to locate this place. If you are driving from Macalister Road and turn into Lorong Selamat, keep driving for another 200 metres and look out on your right, you will see an outstanding building in purple, which is De Title.

Upon entering the building, there was a cosy romantic feel. It is a very suitable place for couples to dine at.

The second section of the restaurant consists of a buffet corner and a seating area for patrons.

The signboard for the washroom is so unique that the drawing looks very hilarious.

Besides the signboard of the washroom, all the decoration including the windows frame of this place were designed by the 2 founders of De Title.

For those who are bringing guests of 20 pax or more, there are also private rooms available on the second floor of this place.

Homemade Mushroom Soup, with an additional RM1.50 you will get to enjoy free flow of mushroom soup, salad, cake, cookies and ice cream.

The taste of the soup was very creamy and thick, it was full of chopped mushrooms and sprinkled with herbs and some croutons on top. I simply love this mushroom soup.

Seafood Spicy Yaki Udon- RM13.90, the udon was fried together with big prawns and completed with carrot, cabbage slices and some chopped coriander. The taste of the udon was very nice, it was more towards fusion style. It also tasted slightly spicy. This dish was very appetizing.
Japanese Corner
  • Guangdong Yaki Udon – RM10.90
  • Seafood Oriental Yaki Udon – RM13.90
  • Seafood Spicy Yaki Udon – RM13.90
  • Seafood Black Pepper Yaki Udon – RM14.90

Chicken Ham Pizzailo with Roti Canai Base – RM13.90, if Japanese Corner is not your cup of tea, you may want to consider this pizza. It has thin crust, served with chicken ham on top and covered with cheese and tomato paste.

Choices of Pizzailo
  • Veggie Pizzailo @ RM9.90
  • Chicken Ham Pizzailo @ RM13.90
  • Beef Pepperoni Pizzailo @ RM14.90

Cheese Baked Fusili – RM10.90, if the Pizzailo does not satisfy your crave, there is even a list of other Italian cuisine waiting for you. One of them is the Cheese Baked Fusili. Fusili are long, thick, corkscrew shaped pasta. The word fusilli presumably comes from fusile, archaic or dialectal word for “rifle” (fucile in modern Italian). It was baked together with cheese, minced meat, tomato puree and sprinkled with coriander. The taste of the dish, very Delizioso!!
Italian Corner
  • Cheese BakedAlla Alfredi – RM10.90
  • Macaroni Alla Carbonara – RM12.90
  • Riso Verbo Pollo Alla Carbonara – RM13.90
  • Pasta – RM13.90
  • Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise
  • Spaghetti Alla Tailandia
  • Stir Fried Spaghetti Seafood Oriental
  • Pasta Aglio Olio

Cheese Baked Rice – RM13.90, this dish is very similar to the one at a famous Hongkie restaurant. The rice was mixed with chicken cubes, cheese and some white sauce, it was baked with some chopped coriander. Very rich and tasty dish.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce – RM14.90, the chicken thigh was marinated with homemade black pepper sauce and it was then grilled to perfection. The taste of this dish was hot and spicy. Anyway, this is not my cup of tea as I don’t like black pepper very much.
Western Chicken Corner
  • Choice of Grilled Chicken or Crunchy Chicken with boiled rice – RM13.90,
  • with mashed potato / chips RM14.90, extra golden egg – RM1.00

Choice of sauce

  • Butter Garlic Chicken
  • Creamy Mushroom Chicken
  • Oriental Chicken
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken
  • Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce – RM14.90, the style of preparation is very similar to grilled chicken with black pepper sauce, the only difference is the sauce. I prefer this sauce more as it does not have the peppery taste as compared to black pepper chicken.

Butter Garlic Crunchy Chicken – RM14.90, the preparation of this chicken is very much different than the previous ones. The chicken was marinated with garlic and butter and deep fried to crunchiness. This dish is not as good as grilled style as the crunchy batter had covered the freshness and original taste of the chicken meat.

Butter Garlic Dory Fish – RM14.90, the preperation of the butter garlic dory fish is similar to butter garlic crunchy chicken, the texture of the fish was very fresh and nice.
Fish Corner (NZ dory)
Choice of Grilled Fish Fillet or Deep Fried Fish Fillet with boiled rice RM13.90, with mashed potato / chips RM14.90, extra golden egg RM1.00.

Choice of Sauce

  • Black Pepper Dory Fish Fillet
  • Cheesy Dory Fish Fillet
  • Onion Gravy Dory Fish Fillet
  • Teriyaki Dory Fish Fillet
  • Tomyam Dory Fish Fillet

The Miracles of Devils and Angels, the price depends on the number of people eating it. For those that love this dish please ask for the price from the servers before placing the order.

The reason for the name of this dessert is due to its contradictive taste. First would be the baked dark chocolate which looks like chocolate mud cake. In fact when you sliced it, the dark chocolate fudge will flow out. This dish is hot and rich.

To complement the rich chocolate taste is vanilla ice cream. This will make the treat cold, chill and slightly sweet. The actual way to dine is to mix both of this dish together and you will have the contrast feeling of “angel and devil”.

The picture of 2 founders cum chefs of De Title. Very young and presentable ladies.

Overall, this place is very cozy and suitable for couples looking for some privacy. The price of the food is slightly on the high side. The taste of the food is mostly acceptable. The 2 drawbacks here are lack of parking space and too much of varieties of dish available here. As per saying too many cooks will spoil the soup. They should have some signature dishes so that people will know what to dine there.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 12noon-3pm; 6pm-9pm (Close on Wednesday)
Contact: 04-228 6218
Address:No 97, Lorong Selamat 10400 Georgetown Penang.
GPS: 5° 41′ 78.18″ N, 100° 32′ 55.44″ E

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