Boosting Energy Level and Complexion with Complexion-6

There is a price to pay to be a food/event blogger especially if you still have a full-time job – skin problems, tiredness, tight schedules, meeting deadlines etc. You may ask why is that so? The answer is simple, on skin problems I always eat all kinds of food which are new to me and I am frequently exposed to oily food which caused my skin to turn bad. Tiredness due to my full-time job and having to juggle full-time job, blogging, events, family, etc is tiring. There is a long list of action items waiting for me to do and with my tight schedules, it is challenging to meet deadlines and by end of each day, I felt a little lethargic.

Recently, I heard my friend recommended Complexion-6 which will help to solve most of my problems above. At first, I wasn’t so sure about this until I started to look up for more information on the internet. Complexion-6 is a multivitamin solution which not only helps to improve skin complexion but also helps to rejuvenate so that one could feel refreshed and energized.

Coincidently, I know someone who is carrying this product. I contacted her and made an appointment together with my friend. On that day, she brought a box which contains small bottles of vitamin solution. The vitamins are not to be consumed orally. Instead, it will be transferred into the body via an intravenous (IV) drip. It sounds new to me at the beginning, but after a detailed explanation and affirmation from my friend, I decided to leave my fate to her to do the magic.


The price range is RM980 to RM1200 for the product itself, excluding the price of the injection service. Each box contains 4 times of treatment. To enjoy the full course, you will need 2 boxes in total. After each course, it is recommended to maintain every 2-3 weeks once.



Rest assured, the product has been advertised on the latest issue of Feminine (风采) magazine.


The equipment and products for the session.


During the entire process, strict hygiene is being practiced. It feels just like being on drip where there was a packet of Isotonic Sodium Chloride hanging above me while she slowly injected the multivitamin solution into the packet, making the packet solution turning golden yellow in color.

complexion6-8 complexion6-9

Surgery gloves were being worn at all times to ensure no hygienic problems arise.


The process was carefully carried out in a professional manner. There was no pain encountered during the process except during the poke of the needle at the beginning, after that we felt completely relaxed and almost fell asleep.

complexion6-11 complexion6-12

This is me after the multi-vitamins transfusion. I felt refreshed and energized after this session.


This is my friend who also got the chance to try. Just like me, he felt refreshed and energized after the session.


For more information, please contact me directly.

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  1. My skin no longer dark after our sunbathing. It takes 1 weeks or less as I just found out the effect of this injection

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