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In Penang, we are always pampered and overwhelmed with all the good food around. Sometimes there are too many options that we can’t even decide where to eat. All the while we tend to only remember those few famous restaurants and places to go for certain food but yet there are many other great places for food that we never realize.

Talking about restaurants and nice places for food, there is a restaurant that had been around for sometime but yet it has not much coverage from the public. I just get to know about this place recently when a friend bought me there.

The name of the restaurant is called Coconut Palms Restaurant. It is not hard to locate this restaurant. If you are driving to Burma Road via Jalan Perak, you will come to a junction. On your left hand side you will see Wisma Celcom and the front of the road will be Burma Road. Just opposite of Wisma Celcom, you will see Coconut Palms Restaurant.

Restaurant Coconut Palms is a place which serves variety of delicious seafood.

The aquariums with various sea creatures at the back of the restaurant.

The giant crab. The size is big and so do the bucks.

The front dining area can cater for 6 tables

Another 6 – 8 tables at the back of the restaurant.

There are also 2 private rooms available for the VIPs.

Ku Chai Juan – RM18, the chives were wrapped and rolled in a bean curd sheets with some minced meat and prawns. They were then deep fried until golden and crispy.

The preparation method is very simple. Yet the taste of this dish is so delectable.

Fried Kai Lan – RM16, the kai lan was cut into pieces, then pan fried with meat slices, 2 types of mushrooms, carrot slices, baby corn and some shrimps.

The Kai Lan vegetable is also known as Chinese Broccoli is widely consumed by Chinese. The pan fried kai lan had a very nice sense of pan aroma which made this dish more delectable.

Lemon Steam Prawn and Crab – RM97, the steam prawns and crabs were cooked in sourish and spicy sauce. The sauce was made of lemon juice, lemon grass, bird eye chili slices, chopped garlic and onions.

Two types of dishes served in one plate: Prawns and Crabs. The prawns were fresh and juicy. This same goes to the crab meat. The only problem was that the spiciness level of this dish was overwhelming and it covered the rest of the taste.

Balacan Chicken – RM22, the chicken wings were marinated with balacan and then battered with flour. It was then deep fried until golden brown.

The crunchiness of the batter with the thick aroma of the balacan really gave me the kick. However, for those who don’t enjoy balacan this might not a good dish to order.

Pa Din Fish – RM92, Pa Din fish is a kind of river fish. For this dish it was used to steam with sweet, sourish and spicy sauce, then covered with onion slices, chili slices and sprinkled with mint leaves.

This type of river fish is always full with muddy smell. Unless the fish is quarantined for sometime only the muddy smell will go away. Else the other way to get rid of the muddy smell is to cook with spicy and sourish sauce to over come the muddy sense.

Sizziling Oyster – RM20, the big and juicy oysters were in the hot sizzling pan together with some eggs, spicy sauce and spring onions.

The size of oyster was mostly big and juicy, I love this dish.

Thai Style Pork Knuckle – RM26, the pork knuckle was braised and then deep fried, served together with some lettuce and Thai chili sauce.

The crispy Thai style pork knuckle is an excellent selection for those who love pork knuckle. The Thai method of braising the pork knuckle is much better than the German style.

Overall, the ambience of dining here was cosy and spacious. There are plenty of free parking available in front of the restaurant. The taste of the food was delicious and there are VIP rooms and free WIFI available. With so much facilities to offer, the price of the food is certainly on the higher side.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm; 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Open Daily)
Contact: 04-2276686
Address: 188, Jalan Burma. 10350 Georgetown
GPS: 5° 42′ 74.58″ N, 100° 31′ 63.21″ E

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