China House, Georgetown – A Place that I Would Go Back Again and Again

China House is one of the pioneer cafes in Penang. It is well-known for its “longest cafe” linking 3 heritage buildings and comprising of 14 spaces which have been converted into shops, cafes, restaurants galleries and multi-purpose performance theater and linked by an open air courtyard.  China House is modeled on a lane way concept with path from Beach Street to Victoria Street with a total length of 400 feet. This place is popular for its heritage-style concept with nice fusion food, 30 varieties of cakes daily and nonetheless its great ambiance and vibes. I remember I started to blog about this place back in 2012, then again in 2016. Now in 2017, I am back to China House again. This time I am here to check out some interesting changes over the years.

Nothing much have changed since I last visited China House. The interior and exterior of the cafe still remain the same. There are 3 different restaurant menus offering different types of food in China House.

The fine dining area is still the same with the usual layout and theme colour.

My usual favorite spot at Beach Street Bakery in China House. This area is always packed with 30 over variety of cakes. If only I had a bigger appetite to try out every single the cake on the table. 😀

The art gallery on the top of floor is a space for the presentation of multiple art forms for the sharing of practice and the development of ideas.

Bon Ton Shop, this is the jewelry shop where it will hold monthly exhibitions of designer items.

You may also find some unique antiques at the shop.

There is even a private area where the customers able to chillout with a glass or 2.

The Vine & Single area contains a wide selection of whiskeys and fresh good wines. Customers are allowed to order a few packs that are displayed on the table.

The open-air courtyard linking between the heritage buildings provides an alternative seating area for customers.

The canteen is another section of China House that serves some alcohol with live band music. This is a great place to hangout and relax with friends.

Bento Special:

  • Kyuri, Corn, Buckwheat and Grape Salad with Citrus Dressing
  • Prawn and Onion Fritters
  • Sweet and Spicy Malay Style Dip
  • Char-Siew and Hoisen Marinated Chicken Thigh
  • Wolfberries Rice Pilaf

RM35.00 for single bento, RM68.00 for 2 persons sharing bento.

The taste of the sauce for the chicken thigh is similar to teriyaki sauce. The one that attracted me is the salad. I love the combination of appetizing citrus dressing and the salad.

Beef & Pumpkin Lasagna served with Mixed leaf salad – RM44, the minced beef is served with a layers of mashed pumpkin topped with creamy and riced cheese.

Although the Lasagna does not look very big in portion, the combination of cheese, pumpkin and minced beef makes it rich and creamy in taste. It was very fulfilling even though I only had half of it.

Avocado, Cashew Nut, Feta Salad with grapes, cranberries, rocket and pomegranate dressing & parmesan biscotti – RM40

This is one of the salads that I would highly recommend although the price is slightly on the high side. The appetizing pomegranate blended very well with the feta cheese cubes. Together with it were some salad leaves and crystallized cashew nuts to make it a great combination.

Tiramisu With Kahlua – RM15.00 per slice

One of the best selling cakes in China House. There are 2 options available, with alcohol and without alcohol. Of course, I still prefer the first version as alcohol is one of the main ingredients to make a good tiramisu cake. This cake had the right level of alcohol and together with its nutty texture, it tasted superb. It is indeed one of the signature cakes here.

Salted Caramel Cheese Cake – RM14

This cake surprises me. Prior to this, I have always thought that salted caramel is a combination of sweet and salty. I have never imagined that this combination would make the cake tasted so outstanding. This cake is not overly sweet and had a very smooth texture that it almost melted in the mouth.

Cappuccino – RM12.80

The usual cup of hot cappuccino. However, this is a must for someone like me who would end the meal with a cuppa.

Overall, this place is nice and cosy. Most of the dishes here are unique and the prices for certain dishes are quite value for money. The usual drawback about this place is the difficulty in getting a proper parking space.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:00am – 12:00am; kitchen close 10:30pm (7 days a week)

Contact: 04-263 7299
Address: 183B, Victoria Street and 153 & 155 Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang
GPS: 5° 41′ 49.40″ N, 100° 33′ 91.00″ E

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