Chicago Rib House, Gurney Plaza – A Place for Chill and Grill

Looking for a place to grill and chill at the same time? If you are working near to the town area of Penang and you love to have a mug or two after work along with some meals to satisfy with, there is a place that will fulfill these needs.

The name of this place is called “Chicago Rib House”.  The location of this place is not difficult to locate. Once you know how to go to Gurney Plaza, you will surely know how to go to Chicago Rib House. The reason is Chicago Rib House is just at the al fresco dining area of Gurney Plaza. For those who love some grills and chills, this would be the perfect choice for you.

CHEESE NACHOS – RM14.90, this is for the cheese lovers. The mixed cheese was spread across all the tortilla chips and it was baked to perfection. It was then served together with salsa sauce. The taste of the salsa was slightly spicy and sourish while the tortilla chips with cheese were rich and creamy. Both of this combination made this entire dish a masterpiece.

  • BUFFALO WINGS – RM19.90.

Besides the Cheese Nachos, another famous finger food at Chicago Rib House is the buffalo wings. There are 3 types of flavor available for the buffalo wings. First is the original buffalo wings. The marinated chicken wings were deep fried and coated with honey barbecue sauce. This flavor is suitable for kids and non-spicy lovers.

For those who love spiciness and excitement, you can always order hot buffalo wings or sweet hot buffalo wings. Most of the process of preparation will be the same as the original flavor of buffalo wings. The only difference is the marination sauce is spicy or hot and spicy Thai sauce. The buffalo wings were also sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds.

As for me, I still prefer the original version of buffalo wings. It could be the original flavor is more suitable to barbecued than the spicy one.

Chicago Ribs House is introducing a whole new range of pastas.

One of them is SHRIMP OLIO – RM30.90. The ingredients of this pasta consist of olio, shrimps, spices, chili flake, chopped coriander and olive oil.

This dish was full of shrimps. For seafood lovers this is a must order dish.

COUNTRY FRIED PORK – RM28.90, country fried pork is a new steak selection on the menu. This new dish is specially dedicated to pork lovers. The pork chop was fried until crispy, it was then topped with homemade creamy gravy and cheese. The side dishes consisted of mashed potato and pan-fried broccoli.

Personally, I feel that the texture of the fried pork chop was great. However, the taste of the gravy did not really blend in well with the meat. The taste of the gravy was rich, salty and creamy, but it was not appetizing. If this dish was added with a touch of lemonade with a slight soury flavour it would taste better.

CHICAGO’S PORK RIBS WITH GRILLED SALMON – RM49.90, this dish is the combination of pork ribs with grilled salmon. The ribs were marinated and grilled till slight crispy with a nice aroma, it was then covered with barbecue sauce. The grilled salmon was served fresh with a slice of lemon as a garnish. The side dishes were sweet corn and risotto.

The grills were excellent. The only drawback is the barbecue sauce of the ribs were on the sweet side. For the non-sweet lovers, this might be a challenge.

TORTILLA SALAD – RM25.90, the salad consisted of tomato, onion, roman lettuce and some chopped coriander. They were then placed in a crunchy deep fried tortilla that looked like a bowl. It was then topped with the grilled chicken slices.

The combination of all the ingredients that made up this dish was excellent. The fried tortilla was not too oily yet the salad was very appetizing. It is one of my favorites.

STRAWBERRY LEMONADE (Left) – RM7.90, one of the new beverages on the menu is the strawberry lemonade. The drink is a combination of sprite, strawberry and lemonade. The taste of this drink was a bit like cough mixture. This is not my cup of tea.

TROPICAL ORANGE FREEZE (Right) – RM8.90, the other new beverage that was served on the menu is the tropical orange freeze. The drink was an ice blended drink made of orange, pineapple and coconut milk. This drink was great, but if the coconut milk could be replaced with full cream milk, that would be even much better.

CHOCOLATE MUD PIE – RM14.90. One of the grand finale of this meal was the chocolate mud pie. The base of the pie was cookie base, topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, then covered with almond flakes, chocolate powder and chocolate mud.

I always feel that dessert is the most important of the entire course. The reason being is if the dessert is good, it would make up for the previous dishes. Anyway, the pie was not very sweet. It tasted both hot and cold, sweet and slight bitterness. This dessert is a must-order on my next visit.

Overall, the taste for the new dishes were good, yet there are some still have rooms for improvement. The price is slightly on the high side. The ambiance is suitable for family and friends and there are sufficient car park lots at Gurney Plaza, provided that you are there at the right time. They have free WIFI available and customers are welcomed to bring their own liquor with no corkage. The finale of the dessert, which is the chocolate mud pie is a must try item.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:00am – 12:00midnight (weekday); 10:00am – late night (weekend and PH eve)
Contact: 04 – 229 0763
Address: GP-170-G-43, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.
GPS: 5° 43′ 81.92″ N, 100° 30′ 98.11″ E

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  1. one of my favourite place…. they used to be in Autocity… unfortunately no customers… I guess they are doing very well down here. 🙂

  2. Hi Steven,

    I’ll be coming Penang to hold a wedding dinner for 10 tables. Will you be able to recommend me some Chinese restaurants ? 🙂

    You can email me at my email provided. I look forward to hear from you soon ok?


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