Breakfast From The Barn, Georgetown – Affordable and Great Western Breakfast

Most western breakfast in Penang are found in cafes with strong emphasis on ambiance and concept, and they usually come with hefty price tags too. There are not many places where you can create your own breakfast combo with reasonable price tags.

This new found place is known as “Breakfast From The Barn”. This place is located at “The Shark” food court in Pulau Tikus (Previously known as Pakma).

The environment is nothing fancy as it is set inside a food court, but the breakfasts are something worth to come for but be prepared to wait as it takes a while for your breakfast to be served due to its popularity.

This is one of our “Build your own breakfast”sets which you can mix and match your breakfast from a list of ingredients.

Toasted Butterscotch Bread + Omega Scrambled Egg – RM3

This is ideal for kids who don’t eat much or those who prefer a lighter breakfast.

There are many other sets with attractive names such as:

  • Big Lolli Pork – RM14
  • Cow On Me – RM14
  • Cuckoo Bird – RM12
  • Piece Of Sheep – RM14

Piece Of Sheep – RM14, served with baked beans, hash brown, greens, breads and egg (of your choice), ham and lamb sausages.

Compared to the rest of the sausages on this platter, the lamb sausage was the best. There are not many places I’ve known of that serve lamb sausages. I love the aroma of the lamb sausage and also the bacon was also grilled to perfection. The most attractive part, it was very reasonably-priced.

The King – RM28, served with all types of sausage available – chicken, lamb and beef. Also served with 2 sunny side ups, bacons, hash browns, greens and breads.

This set can be shared with another person due to the portion. This is one of the recommended sets and is ideal for those who like to try a bit of everything including the lamb sausage and bacon.

The rest of the menu:

Overall, the breakfast sets here are affordable and the lamb sausages are something unique which are worth to try. Parking is not a concern as there are ample parking spaces surrounding the food court. The only drawback is the waiting time. Although there are 5 staffs helping out at the stall, the average waiting time can take up to 30-40 minutes. It is advisable to be there before 9am to reduce the waiting time.

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