Breakfast from The Barn at The Pallet Garden Cafe, Penang

It was back in 2018 when I wrote about “Breakfast from The Barn“. During that time, they only operated at The Shark Food Court in Pulau Tikus.

I remember during that time we had to wait for nearly 45 mins for our breakfast to be served. This shows it is a popular choice for breakfast at a reasonable price. Now they have moved to another place at “Pallet Garden Cafe”.

Pallet Garden Cafe is a non air-conditioning cafe and is complete with wooden furnishing. It is more spacious and can definitely accommodate more people Breakfast From The Barn is one of the operators there. In the morning, only Breakfast From The Barn is serving. There are many breakfast options here. Below are the snapshots of the menu:

All food are prepared fresh upon order. While waiting, the aroma of preparation can be so tempting and it can kill your patience. 🙂

It is nice to see the crew from Breakfast From The Barn consists of young and energetic locals.

One of their signatures is English Breakfast.

Piece of Sheep (Lamb) – RM16.00, 2 lamb breakfast sausage, scrambled egg, 1 streaky bacon, golden crispy hash brown, butterscotch bread toasts, baked beans, lettuce & tomatoes w/ salad dressing.

The lamb sausages were nice as they didn’t have the strong lamb odour. The portion of the food was so generous and this could be a complete breakfast for 2 petite eaters.

Lolli Pork – RM16.00, 2 grilled barbecue crispy pork sausages, 2 sunny side ups, 1 streaky bacon, golden crispy hash brown, butterscotch bread toast, baked beans, green lettuce & tomatoes served with salad dressing.

For pork lovers this should not to be missed. The sausages were so meaty and juicy. I love the streaky bacon from this plate. It was great to  be taken together with toast and some baked beans.

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Overall, the breakfast sets here are affordable and portion is generous. The specialty here is their lamb sausages. Parking is a concern as there there are not many parking slots surrounding this cafe.

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