Beach Corner Restaurant – Great Seafood and Hainanese Cooking, Batu Ferringhi

Summer Garden Bistro in Tanjung Bungah, isn’t this a familiar name for those who love western and fusion cuisine? However, when I mentioned about Summer Beach Bistro or Beach Corner Restaurant, not many people will give me similar response.

Beach Corner Restaurant serves oriental-style cooking. The location of Beach Corner Restaurant is at Batu Ferringhi instead of Tanjung Bungah.

Beach Corner Restaurant is located just along the way of Jalan Batu Ferringhi. If you are driving from town to Batu Ferringhi, you will see Tarbush signboard is on your right. You will need to slow down once you see the signboard because Beach Corner Restaurant is just one door before Tarbush.

On this beautiful cloudy day with soft sun rays upon us, bringing a gleaming light to the beautiful sand and sea. The slow sweep of summer breeze has made this place perfect to relax and have lunch.

The caretaker was riding the horse while asking passer-by’s if they are interested for a paid ride.

There is a also a place for fish foot spa beside the restaurant that will calm you down physically and mentally while you let the fish to clean up the dirt and dead skin of your feet.

The place to dine is actually under some natural atap hut.

To cool down your body temperature, one of the best ways is to have a fresh coconut juice which is not too sweet.

Deep Fried Spring Roll – This is the most famous dish at this place. You will need to call in to make reservation for this dish. Else you might not have chance to try this dish out.

The ingredients of the spring roll include cabbage, carrot,  mushroom, jicama or better known as “bangkwang” locally, spring onion, 5-spices marinated prawn and meat.

Balacan Fried Chicken Wing – The chicken wings have been marinated with obviously belacan and other spices. The skin texture was very crunchy while the meat remained juicy.

The mixture of Lea and Perrins sauce with chopped chili slices and onions made a perfect seasoning for the chicken wings.

Lamb Slices in Hainanese Style – The lamb slices have been cut into thin slices and cooked in brown sauce. The sauce had an added touch of spring onion and garlic. Served together with this dish was lady’s fingers with homemade chili sauce.

The taste of the lamb slice itself was marvellous as the meat was tender with no strong lamb taste. As for the sauce, it was less tasty and tasted very blunt. The combination of the sauce and lamb slices didn’t really match well. The reason being is that the lamb always tastes much better with mint sauce or black pepper sauce. Anyway, this is my personally preference. Some people still prefer it to be cooked in this way.

Crab Meat with Fried Egg and Mixed Veggie. This dish is a combination of scrambled egg with crab meat, mushroom, spring onion, cabbage and carrot.

This dish has a mixture of vegetables with some seafood and egg. The wok taste was sufficient but the overall taste was just acceptable.

Curry Fish Belly (Sour and Spicy). This is a usual Hainanese and Nyonya Style curry. It is cooked with fish belly slices in sour and diluted style of curry and also with lady’s fingers, tomatoes, onion and “curry flower”.

The taste of the fish belly was very delicious as the meat was soft. The curry was neither too sweet nor too sour.

Fried Rice, cooked with usual mix veggie, egg, chicken cubes and prawns.

The taste of the fried rice was normal and is specially made for those who can’t live without rice.

Tomyam Noodle – It is cooked with bee hoon and egg noodle, bean sprouts, tomatoes, chinese cabbage, chicken cubes and prawns.

The taste of the tomyam was also acceptable. It looks like Mee Udang. It is for those who couldn’t have enough and would like something to fill up their stomach.

Hainanese Fried Mixed Vegetable – It is cooked with cellophane noodles, black fungus, cabbage, spring onion, carrot, chicken cube and prawn.

This dish is known to be an authentic Hainanese dish. For those that love Hainanese food, this is the one that you should try out.

Overall, the taste of the food here is acceptable. It is a good place for foreigners to experience local Chinese food with an acceptable taste. Although the location is along the famous tourist belt of Batu Ferringhi, the price of the food is surprisingly very reasonable. For all the dishes and drinks that we ordered, it only cost us about RM130 for 8 pax. The environment is very breezy and relaxing.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 12:00pm – 2:30pm; 6:00pm – 9:30pm (Close on Wednesday)
Contact: 012-472 9113
Address: Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Penang (Beside Tarbush Restaurant)
GPS: 5° 47′ 45.99″ N, 100° 25′ 03.82″ E


6 thoughts on “Beach Corner Restaurant – Great Seafood and Hainanese Cooking, Batu Ferringhi”

  1. When they were operating behind Park Royal, they also opened in the evenings. Strange that they are now only operating from 12.00pm to 2.30pm.

  2. I’ve just visited this restaurant. The service is absolutely pathetic and lousy. Your money can be better spend elsewhere. Staff, including the owners are arrogant due to their good business and treats customers with contempt. All food were pre-ordered via phone and upon arrival we waited for 45 minutes for the first dish to be serve. After that we waited for another 1 hour with nothing else served. When we complained we were told waiting for 2 hours for food is normal. We were told off for complaining that the food took too long and that it is our privilege to be serve by them since their food was so great.

    Would any customers like to visit such a restaurant when there are many similar ones with great service around? I DO NOT recommend visiting this restaurant. Their chef probably spits into the dishes.

    If you do not believe this story, visit this restaurant and experience the lousy service on for yourself.

  3. The service is lousy and they forced you to order more. The food is not nice especially the fish. It is not fresh and yet so expensive cost RM 50 (I could not remember the fish name but somehow know that the fish is not expensive). The duck yam which the staff/owner claimed is the best tastes horrible and also expensive cost RM 40.

    Overall, is not worth going to this restaurant. If you choose to go, you will sure regret!!!!

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