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Awa Mee Bar is a noodle bar related to Souper Tong (汤师傅). Awa Mee Bar has made its way to Penang Gurney Plaza after being introduced to Malaysians in Johor, 2017.

Slogan of Awa Mee Bar is “A Bowl of Good Soup must come with Good Noodles”. This is how Souper Tong came out with the noodle bar concept by combining their famous soups with homemade noodles.

Awa’s secret line in their soups is they have been double-boiled for 4 hours.

One of the selling points of Awa is also their homemade noodles. All the noodles are homemade and served fresh to customers.

Superior 18 Seafood Dry Noodle – RM22.90, the noodle was spicy and served with some fried garlic and crispy fried enoki mushrooms. You can choose either spicy or original as your soup base. (Mine was original soup base)

The base of the soup was packed with aroma of “Shao Xing” fragrance (Chinese wine) while the soup tasted naturally fresh and sweet from the seafood.

The spiciness of the noodle went well with the non-spicy seafood based soup.

Stewed Fish Fillet & Pickled Mustard Green Soup – RM16.90, the option of the noodle can be either yellow egg noodle or rice noodle, serving together with deep fried enoki mushrooms and spring onions. The soup had been cooked with pickled veggie, tofu cubes and fried fish fillets.

The taste of this soup was so appetizing as it contained a tad of sourness from the pickled veggie.

Golden Salted Egg Chicken Claypot – RM17.90, following the craze of salted egg yolk in town, Awa’s version is to marinate salted egg yolk with chicken pieces and cooked with some curry leaves.

For salted egg lovers like myself this is the side dish that you should not miss out. The seduction of salted egg yolk fragrance and the guilty pleasure really made me drooling again just by thinking of this dish.

Caramelized Hotpig Claypot – RM17.90, the pork slices were caramelized and well marinated with soy sauce, then boiled until tender before garnished with some spring onions.

The slight saltiness of the meat managed to bring out the aroma of the meat and it just melted in the mouth. In my opinion, the proportion of the meat was too fat to my liking. It would be perfect if the proportion of lean meat is slightly more than the fat meat.

Whatodo Beanstuffs Claypot – RM13.90, this dish was cooked with dried bean curd and bean curd sheets.

This dish is dedicated to kids as it is a non-spicy dish. The deep fried bean curds and bean curd sheet will go well with any soup here.

Caramel Soya Bean – RM4.90, homecooked soya bean “tau hua” served with gula melaka.

Gula melaka is nothing to shout about, the highlight of this dish is the texture of the soybean pudding as it was really soft and smooth that melted in the mouth. I would go back again for this dish in my next visit.

Drinks list as below:

Sour Plum Tea – RM5.90
Honey Pomelo Refreshing Tea – RM5.90
Citrus Gradis Digestive Tea – RM5.90

Menu of Awa Mee Bar (click to enlarge):



Overall, the selling point of Awa Mee Bar is the combination of their signature double-boiled soup and homemade noodles served in a 280’C preheated claypot. It is also conveniently located in Gurney Plaza level 2 which is another plus point for shoppers to look for food on a shopping day.

ditor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 10:30am -10pm (7 days a week)
Contact: –
Address: Lot 170-02-33A, Gurney Plaza, 10250 Penang.
GPS: 5.4383461, 100.3078181

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    Today is my 5 visit to the restaurant . Always feel good.However,today the taste of overall (my family total order 4 different sets) suddenly become more salty…!!
    Kitchen’s chef change or ..??..hope next visit will be better !

  2. Hello Awa Mee Bar , i am Peggy from DeliverEat . We have receive customer suggestion DeliverEat sign up with Awa Mee Bar Gurney Plaza. May i have a meet with In charge person . Or can contact me directly 012-4290830. Hope can meet up soon ^^

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