Young Heart Restaurant, Pulau Tikus – Stay Young and Healthy with Promotion Sets

Young Heart Restaurant at Pulau Tikus is still one of the placse in town that serves very healthy yet delicious food. Even until now, the quality and taste of the food still maintains its standard.

For those who missed out the previous post of mine at Young Heart, please click on the link to recall them. This round of review that was recently held was not on the main dishes like before. In fact, it was more on the new promotion sets. Thanks to Ann, the owner of this restaurant and also Jason from Gourmet Garden for the invited review.

Before the meal was served, the desk had been prepared with tri-seasoning for the food. There were the chili oil, fried onion and also vinegar with ginger slices.

The drinks which were served (from left to right):

  • Carrot Juice
  • Iced Honey Lemon with Sea Coconut
  • Apple Mint Juice with Aloe Vera
  • Hot Honey Lemon
  • Chrysanthemum Tea

The first promotion, is the set value promotion. The new all day long super value packages, with 15 over specially selected dishes (meat, seafood & vegetables) to choose from. This set includes:

  • Soup of the Day
  • Handmade Noodle or White Rice for 2
  • Delicious Chinese Teriyaki Prawns,
  • Best seller – Orange Pork Chop and a plate of greens

3 Dishes + 1 Soup + Rice/Noodle, Package For Two – RM39.80 only

4 Dishes + 1 Soup + Rice/Noodle ,Package For Four – RM59.80 only

There will be additional plate of Golden Handmade Dumpling complementary to the above sets if you come on Weekdays (Monday – Friday) during dinner time (6pm-8pm).

Package For Two

Chinese Teriyaki Prawns, the prawns had been stir fried with teriyaki sauce and garnished with spring onions and chili slices. It tasted slightly sweet and sour, a very appetizing dish indeed.

Orange Pork Chop, the pork slices were marinated and cooked with home made sauce. The highlight was the orange-flavoured sauce which blended very well with the pork chop. This is one of my preferred dishes.

A Plate of Green, usually the green refers to the vegetable of the day. Today we had been served with stir fried mix veggie of Chinese Cabbage, Lettuce and Carrot Slices. It was a simple but delightful healthy green dish.

Handmade Golden Dumpling, these dumpling were fresh and tasty.

White Rice, the basic commodity to Asians.

Handmade Noodle, the noodles were handmade and mixed with some sesame oil and fried onions. It was so simple yet nice.

Soup of the day, for this round the soup was beet root. It was very tasty and healthy.

Package For Four

Deep Fried Garlic Prawn, they were slightly salty and rich.

Stewed Chestnut Chicken, deliciously marinated chicken stewed with chestnut and garnished with spring onions and lettuce. Yummy.

Stir Fried Winged Bean with Sambal Balacan, green and nutritious. The winged beans were stir fried with sambal balacan.It tasted spicy and slightly salty from the sambal balacan. I just love it.

Stir Fried Broccoli with Mixed Mushrooms, another great mixture of stir fried vegetable. The ingredients of this dish include 2 types of mushrooms, broccoli and some carrots.

Seafood Fried Noodle, mixed with delicious seafood and sauce.

Twin Cauli with Bailing Mushroom in Special Sauce, bailing mushroom tasted like abalone, cooked together with broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and dried scallop in tasty starch. It was a very pleasant dish.

Home Made Young Heart Steamed Tofu, the texture of tofu tasted like egg which was soft and smooth. Cooked with high grade soy sauce and garnished with carrot slices and chives. Another one of my favorite dishes.

Chicken with Dry Sea Product, deliciously marinated chicken cooked with Chinese Nostoc and dried scallops. The chicken was juicy and luscious.

Balacan Roast Pork, the tempting and delicious roast pork were deep fried together with balacan. I feel sinful when taking this dish, due to the fatness and cholesterol. However, I still couldn’t stop taking it as it was so tempting and tasty.

Fiery Hot Noodle, the hand made noodle was cooked with anchovies and hot chili oil, with minced meat and a poached egg. The taste was spicy and hot. No wonder it was named as fiery hot noodle.

Barbican Non-Alcahol Beer, for those that love beer and still not allowed to take alcohol, these beers are specially made for you as they taste like beer yet with no alcohol content. They come in peach flavour.

(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Overall, the taste of food at Young Heart is still up to par from my first post until now and the concept of this restaurant is still the same which is focusing on healthy and tasty food. It is a place to be for families.

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Operation hours: 12:00noon – 10pm (Close On Wednesday)
Contact:04-228 8084 / 016410 8098 (Miss Ann Kee)
Address:No 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Georgetown Penang.

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  1. I want more Crispy Belacan Pork Belly! 😛 By the way, the 6-8pm promo has been extended to daily. So you know what to do now… haha! 🙂

  2. Lemon Ginger Pork Roast

    3 pound pork roast.

    Put it in a large roasting pan with plenty of room for vegies & fruit to roast along with it.


    * Olive Oil
    * Juice of 1 or 2 lemons
    * Minced ginger to taste
    * Sea Salt
    * Thinly sliced carrots
    * Thinly sliced mushrooms
    * Sea Salt
    * Mix these four together, pour over the roast and refrigerate overnight.

    Vegies and Fruit:

    * Green Cabbage/span>
    * Tart Apples, such as Granny Smith or Pippin
    * Red Onions.
    * Cut into quarters or eighths and roast in the pan with the pork.

    Leftover Lemon-Ginger Pork Roast
    Chill and thinly slice the leftover roast. Use in sandwiches with fresh apple slices and mint.
    for more details

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