Yong Tau Fu cum Chee Cheong Fun – SS2 Petaling Jaya

This is actually a back dated post where I was still at SS2 last month. This time no more peanut butter Chee Cheong Fun, but instead Yong Tau Fu + Chee Cheong Fun. Some of you might find peanut butter Chee Cheong Fun funny, this one is even weird especially to Penangite.  I believe SS2 people have already tried that for a long time, as they claim it’s very famous. Surely, I am now becoming ” Weirdo Food Reviewer” as I always try out exotic funny food instead of normal ones. 

 Wikimapia of GPS, rough location. I am not very sure where is the exact location as it’s just by the roadside. By the way, all the residents there will tell you the exact location if you ask them.


This particular stall is self service, as you can see the sign hanging in front of the stall. Usually there are a lot of people standing infront of the stall as they need to choose the stuff they want, just like choosing items for Yong Tau Fu. 

Look at my plate. It is just another innovative idea. Combination from the best of both, Chee Cheong Tau Fu FUN. Overall I find the taste very unique as I never tried that in Penang before. The fishy smell of shrimp paste in SS2 is not as heavy as what we have in Penang. If you touch the paste here it will last a few minutes, compare to Penang that will stick to you for the whole day. This is really something special, I really recommend Penang people to try this out. 

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6 thoughts on “Yong Tau Fu cum Chee Cheong Fun – SS2 Petaling Jaya”

  1. actually most of the KL chee cheong fun looks like that. First time i came to KL also i feel hairan on they can choose yong tau fu stuff and mix it. i prefer penang de…coz i don’t like too much “liao”. haha~ ei, i want to go makan the peanut butter ccf next january~

  2. In Ipoh u also can find this kind of chee cheong fun + yong tau fu but no prawn paste. They have mushroom gravy, curry, sweet sauce or light soya sauce instead of prawn paste. Oh so delicious..

  3. bb community, do let me know when you are dropping by. I can bring you around as Greenlane is my “dei tao”(my place).

    Lynn, any nice introduction of ccf + yong tau fu back in Ipoh?

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