Warung Kelapa Sawit, Juru – It’s All About Fish

Whenever there is nice food, the place will be packed with crowd regardless of the price or the ambiance. This is what happened at Warung Kelapa Sawit (The Little Stall at Palm Estate).


The warung was set up in the middle of nowhere of a palm estate at Juru, Prai. This place is well known to the locals where it will be crowded with people during lunch time. To accommodate the growing number of customers, they had placed a few canopies, table and chairs. But there are no fans available inside the canopies. Just imagine you are dining under the hot sun where only a canopy serves as a barrier between you and the hot sun.


The queue is usually very long when it comes to lunch hours. Therefore, it is advisable if you come in a group, some should queue for the food, while others should find a place to sit.



Even some tables are located out of the canopy and yet people don’t mind about that.


The tables were fully occupied by the customers.


They are famous for fish dishes. The black pomfret fish curry is one of the signatures here.


If you don’t like the black pomfret fish, you can always try the sting ray spicy and sour curry fish.


Deep Fried Pomfret fish (price according to the size of the fish and also market rate). The most popular dish here will be the deep fried pomfret fish. The fish was coated with turmeric. It was then served with homemade soy sauce. The sauce had a mixture of saltiness, sweetness and sourness.


The fish itself was very crispy after being deep fried.


The fish went really well with the rice.


The deep-frying process of the pomfret fish was just next to the payment counter.


Even for takeaways, the queue was long.


Overall, the main attraction here is the pomfret fish. The price for 2 pax with 1 pomfret fish and a plate of veggie cost a total of RM22. The price is slightly to the high side. The homemade soy sauce blended well with the deep fried fish. Other than these there are nothing special. This place is packed with people during lunch time, be prepared to sit under the hot sun if you want to try out the food here.

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Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room (Private Area)
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 9:30am – 3:00pm (Except Weekend and Public Holiday)
Contact: 6017-480 6915 (Hj. Ismail), 6012-4644 042 (Joe Bawal)
Address: Jalan Tok Kangar, 14100 Juru Penang.
GPS: 5° 32′ 15.17″ N, 100° 43′ 36.09″ E

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