Wah Hong Coffee Shop, Chai Leng Park – Appetizing and Delightful Yam Rice

In Hokkien, “I love Or Bui” means is I love yam rice. However, if you have mistakenly pronounced as “Or Pui”, it will have a complete different meaning, which means “dark fart”.

OK jokes aside.

Yam Rice is a unique dish that is only available widely in northern Malaysia. So far there are not many stalls found in middle and southern Malaysia.

One of the old time favourite yam rice stall is in Wah Hong Coffee Shop in Chai Leng Park. It is not hard to locate this place if you are going to Chai Leng Park via Jalan Baru. You need to turn left to Jalan Kurau once you see Kuan Nan coffee shop in front of you. Then turn left again to Lebuh Kurau 3 and keep moving for another 2 junctions on your left, turn left to Medan Kurau 3. Keep driving until the end of the road and you will see Wah Hong Coffee Shop on your right.

The stall is located at the corner end of Wah Hong Coffee Shop. The banner is only written as YAM RICE in English, while the rest is in Chinese writing.

The stall was once handled by an old lady. However, it seems like the old lady has retired and is now taken over by a younger aged lady with her two kids.

The main ingredients of the Yam Rice were cooked with some pig’s inner organs, pork slices, roast pork slices (siu bak), pig’s blood cake and meat balls.
For those like me who are not in favour of pig’s internal organs, you can always request the lady to exclude them. For those that don’t like yam rice, you can always replace with white rice instead.

The taste of the yam rice soup was a bit sourish and salt-ish compared to other stalls in Penang. The pickled veggie which is known as “kiam chai” is one of the main ingredients for the yam rice soup. The soup is covered with parsley leaves to bring out the aroma of the soup.

The price list for the Yam rice as below:

Mixed Pig’s Organs
RM14.00 per Big Bowl
RM9.00 per Medium Bowl
RM4.50 per Small Bowl

Stewed Pork Leg
RM6.00 per Big Bowl
RM5.00 per Small Bowl

Yam Rice
RM1.00 per Big Bowl
RM0.50 per Small Bowl

Plain Rice
RM0.60 per Big Bowl
RM0.40 per Small Bowl

Overall, the Yam rice of this stall is one of the best around. There are many private and public parking slots available here. The coffee shop had a very cozy environment except during lunch time which will be very crowded. The taste of the soup was excellent with the freshness of meat and the parts except for the meat balls which had some pork odour compared to my last visit.


Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card
Private Room
WIFI Available

Operation hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm (7 days a week)
Contact: –
Address: Medan Kurau 3 off Lebuh Kurau 1, Chai Leng Park 13700 Penang.
GPS: 5° 38′ 41.85″ N, 100° 39′ 17.56″ E


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