Variety Seafood Dishes @ Pang (Hainan) Seafood, Tanjung Bungah

In my previous post, I was mentioning that sitting by the seaside, enjoying the sea breeze, tasting a cup of tea and savoring variety of dim sum is an enjoyment of life. Well, this is not really true. In fact, changing from dim sum to seafood and a glass of red wine will give you exactly the same enjoyment as well.

Many times when it comes to finding a place for customers to dine and also to organize a function, it will be my greatest headache. A place with good food doesn’t necessary come in a good ambience and vice versa.

Now, this particular place that I am going to blog about is a place that I used to drive by but never stepped in until I get to know that they serve fresh seafood with great ambience. It is a place great for business dinner and functions.

Pang Seafood Restaurant is located opposite Penang Chinese Swimming Club which is along the busy main road of Tanjung Bungah. There is a big lobster signboard that you will never miss out. The cooking style of the food here is Hainanese, which is my hometown style.

Once you walked in to the restaurant you will see a lot of fresh Grouper swimming inside the tank waiting for buyers.

There are also dozens of fresh mantis prawn swimming inside the tank too. However, the availability of the stock is very depending on the catch and season.

The same goes to the crabs, lobsters and clams as well.

For those who love to have a glass or two of red wine, there are no corkage charge for bringing your own wine. The chilled glasses were served for your need.

I just realised there is a phrase written as “sorry piece of ass” on my glass after I filled in the wine. Whoever knows what it means please enlighten me.

Inchi Cabin Chicken – RM24. Inchi Cabin Chicken is known as Encik Cabin Chicken. The reason why it is called Encik Cabin is because this dish was popularly cooked on the ship for sailors. Usually when the meal is ready, the chef will inform the sailors “Encik dalam cabin, Chicken siap” (Mister in the cabin, you meal is ready.) That is how this meal got its name. The preparation of this meal is great and it has really crunchy skin and juicy meat.

Grouper Fish cooked in curry (1.14kg) – RM114. The fresh grouper was cooked in homemade curry, with lady fingers and sprinkle of peppermint leaves on top. The curry was sour based but I find it slightly too sweet. It will be better if the sugar level can be reduced a bit.

Imperial Vegetable (帝王菜) Fried with Sambal – RM12. The texture of this veggie itself was very fine, along with the sambal it tasted appetising and good.

Fried Tao Fu with Salty Fish – RM35, this is one of my favorites and it is also their signature dish. I love the smooth inner texture of the tau fu which was cooked with salted fish, minced meat and sliced mushroom with spring onions as garnish. It was a simply delicious and healthy dish.

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle – RM28, the cooking style of this dish is a mixture of v\Vietnamese and local. The pork knuckle was boiled before deep-frying to make the  inner texture soft and outer skin crunchy. For myself, I find that this dish was a bit too sweet. Again by minimizing the use of suger on this dish it will be excellent.

Big Crab with Sweet and Sour Curry (2.45kg) – RM134.75. The crabs were fresh and big. The curry was spicy enough and the aroma of spices was just nice. Again the same thing as the previous 2 dishes it was slightly too sweet.

Chinese Bun (Man tou) 15 pieces – RM7.50. Nice mun tou which was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It really mixed well with the crab curry.

Fried Veggie – RM16. This particular dish was just nice. The aroma of pan fried was there while the veggie was still crispy with freshness. Most importantly this dish was not that sweet.

Fried Assam Prawn – RM60. The taste of this assam prawn was nice and the gravy was cooked until semi-dried just enough for the prawns to be soaked into the gravy.

Barley and yuba (腐竹) in soya milkRM2.50, for those who prefer hot dessert, this will be a great option. The barley and yuba were cooked until soft and the soya milk was smooth and rich.

Turtle Shell Cream (龟令膏) – RM2.50. A cold and chilling dessert. The name is turtle shell cream because it was cooked from the powder of turtle shell. However, now this dish is made from a supplementary nutritioun similar to turtle shells to protect the to-be-extincted turtles. It is usually served together with honey to make it bitter sweet.

The meal and drinks for 13 persons cost around RM430.

Overall, most of the dishes are nice and presentable while the seafood are fresh too. The only improvement for this place is that the sweetness level should be lowered for our more health-conscious people.

Editor’s Review (5 Stars Rank):

Food Presentation

Quick Facts:

Family Friendly
Pork Free
Credit Card

Operation hours: 10:00am – 10:30pm (7 days a week)
Contact: 04-899 4863
Address:501K & L, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, Tanjung Bangah, 11200 Penang.

19 thoughts on “Variety Seafood Dishes @ Pang (Hainan) Seafood, Tanjung Bungah”

  1. I’ve eaten turtle shell cream for so many years and I didn’t know that the shell was made from the powder of turtle. (Shame on me) Thanks for the information.

    Seems like the food are quite fresh and delicious. What a scrumptious meal!

  2. Looks good! I’ve been deliberating about this place for a long time, thinking my dad would like it but also getting feedback from friends that it’s overpriced!! Nice inchi kabin story! 😀

  3. really ah the inchi cabin story??

    hohoh..this plc got a prob w sugar hor! so the dishes are hainanese? I knw know hainanese chic rice worr..all otrs are “chinese choo char”!

  4. Sugar Bean, oh no… you are killing animal. I am calling SPCA. 😉 kidding.

    NKOTB, think wanna ask them to revise their recipe dee.

    Mary, quite nice also.

  5. 550ml, is kind of high a bit on the pricing but it great for the place on business talk and relaxing as it is not very crowded.

    Rebeca, this story is serious one. It was told my many friends of mine on this.

  6. “Sorry piece of ass”??? LOL

    If I was drinking it and reading it at the same time, probably I would probably drop the glass immediately…. hehehe…

  7. The food looks delicious but surprisingly the price of the Fried Tao Fu with Salty Fish is more expensive compared to the Pork Knuckle.

  8. Wow .. I think it’s too early for me to enjoy this post. Haven’t had breakfast … haha. Anyway.. good recommendation man. Shall try it next round when I visit Penang …

  9. Gill, ya is kind of expensive. Just that is for the business talk place

    Selba, I don’t know what’s that mean too.. kinda funny.

    CK, precise. I think the portion that they give for the tao fu is much more compare to the pork knuckle.

    Timothy, come to Penang n let us know we will bring u around.

    YB, ta pao? I don’t used to do that. I also makan onside.

    Pigpig, ya. It really makes me wanna cucuk them…. muahaha..

  10. Thanks for sharing.
    We know that place from driving by but never stopped to eat there. We’ll give it a go next time we’re back in Penang.
    BTW, if you guys like fresh seafood:
    try some meat and/or egg crab at the Sea Pearl Lagoon Cafe,
    338,Mk.18,Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang. TEL: 04-8990375
    It’s next to the To Tua Peh Kong Temple. Outside and at the waterfront. I like the feel of the place.

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